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Thursday, June 12, 2008

You've got mail!

"Daddy's got a box! Mooommmmyyyy, it's a box! It's a box!" That is the sound of joyful little voices accompanied by the running of little feet to the kitchen counter whenever Daddy walks into the door with a package after going to the post office. I think I can honestly say except for when we bring home a new baby or a sick Daddy from the hospital, receiving mail would be the event that causes the most excitement around here. :) A letter from a pen pal is a real treasure and is read and re-read with a reply letter usually written that day.
Boxes usually don't come very often, but the past couple of months, we've been blessed a few generous and thoughtful care packages.
Some have sent little outfits for Eliseo...while we pass down all our baby clothes, it is always special treat to have something new for the new little one. One lady sent us a wonderful box that included a blue sweater that her neighbor had knitted for him.
One family sent us a couple of boxes of American food...I had to explain to the children what Bisquick was and all the neat things we can make with it. A sweet boy and his family sent us a box a few weeks ago that arrived right when Daniel had gotten sick. Included was a couple packages of beef jerky labled for "Mr. Lockwood". At the time, Daniel couldn't eat anything, but was touched by this thoughtful gift and surprised as they had happened to buy one of his favorite snacks. When Daniel first came home from the hospital, everything was making him sick. A week later, when we were going to head back down to see the doctor, he asked me if I'd saved that jerky for him. I said that of course I had. He asked me to bring it and I was so happy to see him enjoy it so much...it settled well and it was his first real food in days.
The other day, a dear family sent a variety of toys, games, school supplies, and American candy. Included was a new soccer ball. A couple days before, our children had their soccer ball out and were playing soccer in the field next to our house. It got kicked into the road just as a car was coming. The man slowed down, but the ball ended up getting under the tire and popped. The children were so sad as soccer is one of their favorite games to play together, but I told them I was glad it was just a ball and not a child that was hurt. They agreed and went on their way to play. What a blessing to see how the Lord touched another person's heart to give them another ball without even knowing what had happened!

Susannah found skittles! :)
Children enjoying the blessing of some very special gifts. Susannah still holding those skittles :)
There's Benjamin, our chef for that morning. While we were opening boxes, he faithfully stayed by the stove until all the french toast was finshed cooking. Good Job Ben! :) Susannah won't have to eat Skittles for breakfast after all! :)
After breakfast, Eliseo got to watch mommy hide the candy and put the other treats in their proper places :)
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  1. Hello, I came across your page and have been praying for your family. I would love to send a care package, can I have an address? Many, many blessings to your family!
    Rachel Marini

  2. Hello,
    I have a question and apologies if it's already been asked! I was just wondering how you fair with your pregnancies? Do you get morning sickness etc and how do you cope with running the household when pregnant? (though I guess you are quite used to it!!)
    Thank you. I am enjoying readying your blog.

  3. Whynot~ I have been blessed to have uncomplicated pregnancies. I do get morning sick...sometimes pretty badly...until about week 17.
    During that time, the children are a great blessing in helping all they can. We may not get all of our normal activities/work accomplished during that time, but it is a blessed time nonetheless as the family further learns to serve eachother. Daniel is also thoughtful during that time and will often take a few of the little ones along with him when he's witnessing or working at the church when he can.
    Most importantly, the Lord has always given me the grace just when I need it to get through those times of sickness. And the blessing of a little child that follows makes everything more than worth it. :)

  4. I'm so glad the Lord provided a new soccer ball for the kids! Isn't it just amazing how much the Lord cares for us? No matter what it may be, He always knows the desires of our hearts,and really does care about them.No one knew about what happened to the ball, but God knew, and He took care of it. I just love to see the Lord provide! Even in ways that may seem small to us. If it's important to His children, it's important to Him! Just thought I'd comment on that. I hope you have a great day Jaynee! Tell your kids I said hi. Love,Jeana


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