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Thursday, June 19, 2008

He shall give his angels charge over thee

Last night, I updated here and got ready to head over to be with the team for evening devotions. I called Daniel's cell phone to see if he was over there yet and he told me to just wait at the house because he and Pastor Rich would be there in a couple of minutes.

While we were dropping the children back off home from VBS yesterday, the bus ran out of gas right in front of our house. Most of the children had already been taken home, and the group along with a few people from our church, walked back to the church building which is only about 5 blocks from our home. The bus is being loaned to us for the VBS and we needed to return it to the onwer that evening, so after eating supper, Daniel and Pastor Rich had gone to buy some gas to put into the bus to get it started again.

They arrived here at the home and spent about 15 minutes getting the bus running. We then drove the bus back to the owner, talked with him a few minutes, and then headed back to the church to be with the team.

As we approached the building, we saw flashing lights and realized there was a police truck and ambulance parked in front. We jumped out of the car to see what had happened.

The front porch of the church is covered witih a fiberglass roof. It provides shade, but is not made to hold a lot of weight. While waiting for us to return, some of the team wanted to sing some songs and have a time of fellowship together and went out onto the roof.

The Lord truly protected them...most of the team had already gone back inside and only 3 of them remained there visiting. We are amazed and thank the Lord that the roof didn't break when the rest of them were on it.

Suddenly, the roof broke and the three that remained there fell down to the cement below. Jonathan was standing at the time it gave way...he landed on his feet. His knee was hurting him this morning, but by lunch time, he was walking around, working, and in great spirits. Thank you Lord!

Courtney and Lorna were sitting down together talking. I'm not sure how Courtney landed. Her father is here with the team and so when we arrived he was taking care of her. She was in a bit of shock, but her main injury was a bruise on her knee. This morning, she was smiling (she was such a radiant smile) and painting away with the rest of the team. Thank you Lord!

Lorna had got hurt the worst. Someone nearby had heard the screams when they fell and had called the police. She landed on her "seat" and when we got there, the EMTs were asking her questions and getting ready to strap her to a board. The Lord gives grace just as we need it and though quite shaken up and hurting, she was smiling and even joking and we were so thankful that she could move her legs and could feel everything.

The amulance took her to the hospital where I deliver my babies in the next town so they could check her out and take some x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. Sondra, another girl from the team, road in the amulance with her, and Pastor Rich, Daniel and I followed in the car. She had a cut on her ear (which they nurse cleaned and put a butterfly bandage on), a cut and bruise on her arm, and a very sore backside, but nothing was broken. Today, she's moving a bit slower than normal, but has a joyful spirit. I brought her over to our home this morning so she could call her hubby. Thank you Lord!

I wanted her to be able to talk to him before I posted anything here...I've been busy cooking for the group and taking care of the children most of the day, but before we head out for our next day of VBS, I wanted to update here as I know many of the families of the group check the blog.

I'll try to update tonight with more pictures of the work and ministry of the day as well. Though we don't know why the Lord allowed this to happen, we just praise Him for His gracious protection over what could have been so much worse. We know that everything He allows is for our good. The Lord knew the bus would run out of gas...if it hadn't, we would have all been there earlier. But the Lord allowed this to happen, and how we all praise Him for His protection, and pray that He will use this for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We know God is hearing and answering!


  1. Lorna,

    We are so thankful to the Lord for His protection over you! What a scary thing but we are so glad you are not injured more seriously! We pray you will recover quickly and not have any lasting effects! Our continued prayers for you and the entire mission team that you are all able to accomplish His will there in Mexico and share His love!

    In His Grace,
    tulip in Idaho
    (Price Family)

  2. Jaynee...we so appreciate your updates! We are thankful for the Lord's protection over the team. We have taken a few teams into Mexico and each time there has been an "incident". We can always look back and see God's hand at work thru those circumstances. Our love and prayers continue for you all....the Lloyds


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