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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Group Arrives on Isaiah's 6th Birthday :)

We praise the Lord for bringing the group from Ustick Baptist Church in Idaho here safely. Though we have never met them before today, we felt like we already knew them. So many of them as well as people from their church had sent us notes, encouraged us and prayed for us this past month. We had a wonderful evening getting to know them and are looking forward to having a great week as we serve the Lord together here.
Daniel picked them up from the airport in Loreto around 2:30 pm and they pulled into town around 5 pm. After unloading their things and visiting for a while, we enjoyed a taco supper and then had a short meeting going over the plans for the week ahead. Our children had so much fun coloring them all pictures for the team and are excited about going around the neighborhood to invite their friends to VBS tomorrow.
Isaiah turned 6 years old today! We had his birthday supper (omelets) last night. Isaiah is our most sensitive and quiet child. He never demands his rights and is content to just sit quietly and watch Daddy work, helping however he is asked, for hours without complaining. As we were going around the table sharing how Isaiah is a blessing to us, almost all the children mentioned how Isaiah is so very happy by the littlest things. He is truly a content little...I mean...big boy. When we moved to Mexico, Isaiah was just a year old...and now he is six! How quickly they grow and how thankful we are for each day the Lord entrusts them to our care. Isaiah is truly a servant and we pray that he will give his whole heart and life to serve our Lord all his days.
Thank you for your prayers this week! The Lord hears and answers! How good and wonderful He is!

Isaiah's birthday supper (Isaiah is in the blue shirt with the white stripe sitting next to Rebekah)
I made a couple of sheet cakes for Isaiah's real birthday today that we took over to the church for supper to share with the group. Here is Isaiah smiling and the ladies of our church helping serve the cake.

Here is the group getting set up for supper shortly after they arrived.
Here we all are gathered around before the evening meeting.

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  1. PTL - Thanks for the update.
    In HIS Grip, Julie Jones (wife of Bret, Mom of Sondra)

  2. Happy Birthday Isaiah!! Jaynee thank you for taking the time to update us on the details of the team's arrival. I have been praying for the safe and uncomplicated arrival of the team and also for you and Daniel as you prepare for the team. What a blessing to see Rachel's smiling face before I went to bed tonight. The Lord is good! I hope the chocolate chips also had a safe arrival. With His love, karen
    With His love, Karen

  3. Hi! I have been reading your site for the past few days since a friend referred me to it. My son was just badly burned by boiling water a few weeks ago. Your site has encouraged me in more ways than you will ever know. I wanted to share something with you that our family does that I just KNOW you would LOVE! Here's the link to my blog that tells you about it: http://www.xanga.com/dancinmomma?uni12613782-direction=n&uni12613782-nextdate=1%2f17%2f2008+17%3a14%3a38.117#module-12613782
    I am praying for your family!

  4. Jaynee,

    I am in awe and love reading your blog about your life. We are missionaries in Brazil and have only 4 children in 4 years. I know you can relate and have completely surpassed that. :) I'd be interested to have your input. I was going to email you, but don't see a link to your email. But, I would love your input on the matter I just blogged about. It's here: http://michawn.blogspot.com/2008/06/just-one-question.html
    I know you are a busy lady and that you even have a team of people there with you to add to the team of people that is in your house at all times. :) But, I'd love to hear your take on it all whenever you have the time. Although I'd love for your input to be out there for all to see, feel free to email me if you'd prefer that over putting it in the comments section. Thanks so much. And, seriously...LOVE reading your every post.

  5. Thanks for the pictures! We're covering you in prayer from Idaho. We appreciate the updates and the ability to see the team :) The Lloyds (Chris' family)

  6. Thank-you for the up-date. It is so good to know they are safley there. We are praying for your week and ministry.
    Have a blessed day,
    ~Cristy (Mom of Jonathan B.)

  7. I'm curious. Is the team from Boise? You mentioned their church name and it got me wondering because I used to live on Ustick in Boise, Idaho (although now I can't remember if it was a road or street or avenue or what).

    I am glade they are there to help with all that is needed! Happy birthday, Isaiah!

    Jennifer Dewing

  8. Answer to Jennifer (above): Ustick is a road in Boise/Meridian. The original Ustick Baptist church was on Wildwood Lane (near Ustick and 5-mile Rd). Ustick used to be the name of the town in that area. Ustick Baptist Church has been relocated to a new/larger building near Eagle and McMillan Rd. The church is celebrating it's 100 yr. anniversary this year.

  9. Well, I just realized that I can post my name and not have to click anonymous to get it to show up! I wanted to give you better directions to my site: www.xanga.com/dancinmomma
    When you get there, the post you will have to scroll to is from Thursday, January 18th. (I know that is time consuming, but I assure you it will be worth it!) I am struggling with the same question as Michawn and God was so good to lead me to your site and hers! We are intercessory missionaries at the International House of Prayer in Atlanta so I know He led me to you both so that I could pray for your families!

  10. I had no idea the Idaho group would be from MY part of Idaho! I even know some of the people there and at least one of the commenters here (Hi Julie!). We are part of the same homeschool group so this is a wonderful surprise. I'm so glad they could all help you out so much. Say "Hi" to Lorna M. for us from the Price family!!

    In His Grace,
    tulip in Idaho

  11. I had no idea the Idaho group would be from MY part of Idaho! I even know some of the people there and at least one of the commenters here (Hi Julie!). We are part of the same homeschool group so this is a wonderful surprise. I'm so glad they could all help you out so much. Say "Hi" to Lorna M. for us from the Price family!!

    In His Grace,
    tulip in Idaho


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