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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not letting the joy leak out with the water

Some days are harder than others, but the harder the day, the more grace is given! We are without water. Somehow, some where, a pipe under the concrete slap of our home is broken badly. Our entire water storage tank empited somewhere under our home. That isn't good...it could be pretty bad. Thankfully, we can hear at least some of it run into the sewage pipes. Not sure why or how ??? But we do know we have a big leak!
Actually, we emptied the 2,500 liter tank out twice as the first time I found it was empty, I just assumed that water hadn't arrived during the day to fill it as is often the case. When I heard the water start going in, I let it fill back up and then turned back on the pump so I could wash dishes. Daniel got home from teaching the men of the church and so I decided the dishes could wait while I served my hubby his supper and sat down with him to visit while he ate. By the time we finished visiting, it was late, and Daniel went over to help me with the dishes when he discovered there was no water. The tank was completely empty again. And after some investigation, we found there must be a big leak somewhere.
So we turned off the water to the house and all day today, Daniel has been pounding away at concrete with a sledge hammer and chisel trying to find where the leak is. As I type, he's trying our 3rd guess. :)
It's tough for a family our size to be without running water and the job of pounding away at cement has taken a toll on Daniel's muscles and hands.
But it is times like these that I am so thankful for the husband I have. How patiently he just plugs away at the job. Little ones curious to see what Daddy is doing, wanting to be the first to spot the leak with Daddy...I haven't heard him once tire at their questions or presence. He only has them stay away when it is for their safety.
Last night, I cried. It had been a tough week and then, while I've been without water before and survived just fine, just the first thought of the extra work it would make brought the tears. Daniel was quick to hold me, encourage me, and when I felt better, he prayed with me.
Then, in the morning, he went to the parts store to get something he needed so I could have a spigot of running water outside. He connected a hose which I can bring through the kitchen window to wash dishes or through the bathroom window to shower. And then, even my biggest concern was taken care of. He and Timothy moved my washing machine outside near the spigot near a sweep so I could fill it up with the hose and drain it into the outside and keep up with the laundry.
Daniel told me to go ahead and start school so we could keep on schedule as much as possible and he washed huge stack of dishes that were unable to be done the night before. Yes, he is for real :).
And all day long, he would comment from time to time telling me what he thought the Lord was teaching him through this. And here it is, about 9 pm...about 12 hours from when he first started pounding...no leak found yet...and when I go outside to rub his back, he just gives me a smile.
I'm so quick sometimes to worry and complain. When I woke up late this morning (as Daniel and I were up until after 1 am working on the situation), I heard the children laughing and giddy with excitment to be hauling in water for brushing teeth, cleaning chores, and drinking. It was another big, exciting adventure to add to their memories. :)
And I thought how the Lord wants me to be like a little child sometimes. They don't worry...they know they are taken care of...and they make the best of whatever comes their way even finding joy in it.
So that is what I set out to do today. And it was a wonderful day...really!
At lunch today, before we prayed for the meal, I told the children we needed to keep praying that the Lord would help Daddy to find the problem, Timothy added, "And we need to thank the Lord for the problem too." That's right, Timothy! So they really do listen to what we teach them sometimes :) The Lord is so faithful and good!


  1. Oh Jaynee~ I remember times like that. How hard they were. How the Lord was taking me through this "on purpose". How incredible painful it was at times. How weary and impatient I became. How worried and ungrateful I was.

    My whole chest hurt as I read this, like it did when we went through our trials, one right after another.

    "Lord thank you that they have hope in YOU! Let their eyes be only on YOU and not what others might think. When satan comes to whisper in their ears let them only hear YOUR voice and praise YOU. Renew Daniels strenght, guard his hands from harm, encourage Jaynee, send help, wisdom and the blessings of JOY"

    Your family is beautiful~

    hugsx12 ~Cinnamon

  2. Jaynee, I just love your sweet spirit & how you love & honor your husband with your words of praise. I remember a young girl, now a beautiful Godly wife & mother who I respect so very much!!! You're always in my prayers
    Much love Jeanne Rutledge

  3. Jaynee - Thanks so much for posting this. Your family is in our prayers! I do have to share, though, that when I was a camp counselor, the whole camp lost water for three days. It was a challenge for the counselors and adults, but the kids LOVED it. They thought it was the most fun ever! I imagine that in the years to come, your family will look back at this latest trial with good memories! - Sonya

  4. I think I will tuck away this blog post for future encouragement as we too have been without water a few times and without power several times.

  5. Jaynee your life encourages me so much!
    We had sewer back into the house during a time my husband was out of country for a week!! Needless to say it WAS interesting:):)
    There are so many surprises in store!
    I love both your attitudes and what precious memories and lessons your children will glean fromt his trial!

  6. You have such a wonderful spirit. I do pray your dh has found the leak by the time I am writing. Our prayers are with you during your latest adventure.


    Kim in NC

  8. Aren't strong, godly husbands such a blessing? I'm so glad you have one, too. :)
    I'll be praying for Daniel to find the leak today. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are special. ♥

  9. I am sooo sorry to hear about this! I'll be praying that you will be able to find the leak very quickly and that repairing everything will go quickly.


  10. Thanks for sharing your "adventure" with us. It is humbling when the children see the adventure and all I see is struggle. Praying Daniel will find the leak today and get it all fixed for you. He is very ingenious in finding solutions to the problem!!!


  11. I've been wondering how litte Samuel is doing....it was nice to see his smile on the picture.
    You know, as I look back on my life,I realize that one thing that brought me to the Lord early was seeing my parents response to trials. They displayed strong faith in a God who was obviously walking with them.
    Your dear children, new believers and non-beleivers are watching your responses to all these trials, and it is a powerful witness of the reality of God!!!
    I'll be praying for you, Jaynee. I do wish I could come by and help you for the day!!
    May God Bless you...Gwenda

  12. Praying for you!! I love how trials help us know who God is and rely on Him totally!! God bless!

  13. I pray too that by now that leak has been found. I get so tore up when things aren't working right and there is added stress. I know it's wrong! What joy to see that your little ones laugh and have a great time through it all. Praying for you! Missy in TN

  14. Jaynee~ I will be praying that you guys find the leak soon. Your husband sounds just like mine and how much of a blessing are those patient, loving and level headed kinds are huh? You encourage me so much and I appreciate you sharing glimpses of your life. This is another adventure for you for sure and your sweet boy was right. Thank Him in the good and in the bad. He is faithful. Blessings and Love~

  15. hi, jaynee, i just discovered your blog. you have a beautiful family. we are just starting out, you can visit my blog if you like, i share it with a friend of mine because we are like-minded. i would love to sit and chat over tea with you, or something, hope that doesn't sound weird... my husband and i also want to be missionaries, but we are military right now and paying off school loans. anyway, God bless you. wish we could talk more.

  16. That is incredible! I hope he finds the leak soon. It sounds like a little more then a "leak" to me! Hopefully it won't be too hard to find - especially since there is no water actively spraying out. I can't imagine how it would get into the sewer lines - unless somehow they are connected.

    I will be praying for you!

  17. That blog entry has been one of my favorite yet. Even filled my eyes with tears. How remarkable your husband is..a true man of God AND your kids are such reflection so their parents, who are true children of God. As always, thank you for sharing.
    What a difficult situation. Praying for wisdome and direction for Daniel. Praying for peace for you!!!
    Blessings Dear sister!


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