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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to the doctor...

Quick post just asking you to pray for Noah (age 5) and little Samuel (8 months today!). Ever since the hurricane, we seem to have battled with infections in the skin. I don't know if it is related to the hurricane or not; it just seems like that was when we first saw them. I mentioned Susannah and Eliseo having one a couple months ago. We've had several others since then. They are filled with infection and extremely painful. :( We've taken them to the doctor here in town and were given antibiotics. But they continue to pop up. We'll have a week or two with nothing and then someone will wake up with one.
Noah's forearm right below his elbow has one right now. His arm is very swollen, the skin tight, hot and red, and he can't move his arm much. The same day, little Samuel got one on the top of his head. We took them into town today to see the pediatrician. He started them on another antibiotic and told us to keep a close eye on Noah's arm especially as if it goes deeper (into the bone?) it will get complicated. If he hasn't improved in 3 days, we need to bring him back to be checked.
Please pray that they feel better soon and the infection goes away. Noah is so shy and his arm hurts so badly; when he got home from the doctor, Elijah asked him what the doctor did. Noah replied, "He had to put a big hard thing under my arm for a long time" (a thermometer :) ).
He's running a low grade fever and has been tired. Yesterday, I made lunch and called everyone to the table. We sat down to pray and I realized someone was missing. After a quick roll call, I went to look for Noah. He was on the couch. I said, "Noah, don't you want to come eat lunch?" He said, "I don't want to eat lunch until I'm done being tired." Sweet boy :) He slept a couple hours and then ate. He's very happy that it's not on the arm that he writes with because he loves doing school.
We are so thankful to be over the flu. And my kidney infection seems to be much, much better. Time for family Bible time; the children are all bathed, smell and look so clean and I am wanting some snuggles! :) Thank you for praying along with us.


  1. I've been reading for quite a while, but this is my first time commenting....have they tested for MRSA staph? I have had it twice in the last 5 months and it looks very similiar, very painful, and is very contagious.....it can be quite serious, so please do keep a close watch on it. Prayers.....

  2. Yikes, sounds awful!

    "Lord heal these little children, give them comfort from the pain, and help them to see YOU in all this...In Jesus name...amen"

    Jaynee I'm so glad you are feeling better. Gaela was praying for Abigail tonight and she prayed for "Abigail's Mama"....she knows who Jaynee/Mrs. Lockwood is but couldn't associate the two names with Abigail's Mama. Too funny!

    Hope everyone is better soon~


  3. Has the doctor down there considered it could be MRSA? It is a very tough bacteria to knock down, and often takes a lot of treatments. It can be passed from person to person, particularly those in close contact. Just a thought. You are such an encouragement to me, and a wonderful example of how to love your family. God Bless.

  4. Will be praying. Here in Ukraine we fight boils. Is this a boil? The thing that worked for us is as soon as we see one popping up to start antibiotics right away.

    Hope this helps,
    Laurel missionary in Ukraine

  5. so sorry that y'all seem to battling some sort of illness so much lately. Satan is really good at trying to knock down those who are doing God's will. I will be praying for those sweet little boy's infections to get better. And everyone else to stay well :)

  6. Praying that Samuel and Noah's infections will heal very quickly. Noah's arm looks very painful!

    Anna M.

  7. Praying that those infections will go away quickly....and never come back! So glad that you are all generally feeling much better.
    LOVE the new header for your blog! :)

  8. Dear Jaynee,

    I'm a busy medical student in New York City. I love reading your blog after a long day at the hospital because I miss my large family and your children remind me a lot of my younger siblings.

    Please keep a very close watch on Noah's arm. It looks like a pretty bad cellulitis and with a fever, usually requires IV antibiotics to prevent spreading of the bacteria into the blood.

    One thing you can do is, draw a line (with permanent marker) around the area of redness. If the redness continues to spread outside the line while he is on the oral antibiotics, you will know they are not strong enough and should take him directly to a hospital.

    I will pray for your family.

  9. Hello! I am a Pediatric Nurse in Indiana and it sounds like you have MRSA going around your house. It is very contagious and resistent to antibiotics. Have the children been tested for MRSA?

    Remember to practice VERY GOOD handwashing every chance you get!!! EVERYONE!!! This will help with the prevention of spreading the infection if that is in fact what it is.

    Hopet his help. Praying for your family and your health! God Bless You!

  10. We will be praying that they heal quickly and feel better soon! So glad y'all have recovered from the flu and that you are on the mend too. God is good! ♥

  11. We are praying for you, that God will bring healing and health to your family soon.

    I find your blog so encouraging thanks for sharing so openly. I too am a homeschooler, and have really been enjoying reading about your family's life in Mexico. :)

    ~Rebecca and 9 young children under 12 in Alberta, Canada.

  12. How sad to see the little ones sick and in pain! I hope that this clears up for them quickly - withough complications.
    I will be praying for you.

  13. Aww, my daughter recently had staff infection. We were surprised when the doctor called and said that the fluids from the infection tested back as resistant staff bacteria. However, they said that the antibiotic they had prescribed was very effective with that particular strain of bacteria. It was Clindamycin (sp.?) She improved quickly on it, and it has not returned.

    I'll pray for your children to get better, get the medicines they need, and for infections to cease.

  14. Skin infections are the WORST! They never seem to go away. At the beginning of summer, my boys picked up ringworm from playing with pond frogs...WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THAT WORM! I know that is petty compared to painful little arms, but it is hard to get rid of those infections! I will be praying for your little ones to get better, and for strength in their little bodies to fight.

  15. I'm a nurse, too, and I agree on the MRSA. Easy for the doctor to swab and get results. Highly contagious, and can be serious depending upon where it settles. It would really be a coincidence if so many of the children came down with cellulitis. Not impossible, but highly improbable.

  16. Praying for your family to all become healthy, in the Name of Jesus. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Praying for Noah and Samuel's infections to be gone and for this infection to stop spreading.

    Love in Christ,

  17. Hi,

    I was also thinking that this looks like MRSA but I am not a nurse or a doctor...just a momma. I case you would be interested in some natural remedies in the Philippines, we often saw skin infections treated sucsessfully with olive leaf extract. This is a strong antibiotic. The great thing is that staph has not built up a resistance to it and so it works well. Whatever you all decide, we will keep praying for healing and wisdom.


  18. I bet all of these comments about how serious the infection could be are making your momma heart beat extra fast (I'm getting nervous and they aren't my kids!)-so I will pray that the spirit of peace will fall on you as you deal with this...

  19. Just checking in to see how everyone is feeling which I hope is ALOT better..Poor Noah's arm just made me very sad for him. I hope that it is much better too..sending my prayers to your sweet family! Happy Thanksgiving soon too :)

  20. I hope the kids as well as you are doing better now. It certainly does sound like you have a round of staph skin infections going. Everyone has staph bacteria as part of their normal skin flora, but when a stubborn strain gets a break in the skin to homestead, it can be a very painful and contagious situation.

    Small kids are the most common candidate for this, since when they are small it is pretty impossible to police several of them at a time to make sure hands are washed properly, etc. Some suggestions (and I know you've probably already done these steps, but I hope you won't mind) trim everyone's nails short and smooth. Use only paper towels for drying hands after washing--no communal hand towels. Make sure no one shares a bath towel; and no sharing baths for now. Spray faucets and door knobs and toilet surfaces with disinfectant often during the day. Enlist older kids as Handwashing Police for the younger kids (this will also be an encouragement for the older kids to be meticulous in handwashing, as well.) Keep bottles of hand sanitizer near to hand, catch everyone as they run past to give a spritz or two to the hands :)

    Warm moist compresses to the swollen areas several times a day will help the body to muster its white blood cells to war at the infection, and lead to faster resolution. Watch carefully to see if anyone shows any type of eye redness, as staph can easily cause conjunctivitis as well.

    I will pray that everyone is healed soon!


  21. It looks like nasty spider bites? Maybe with the high waters it brought more spiders inside? I dont know but I hope and pray that you all get better very soon! It's no fun being sick.

    erica h
    in wa

  22. Praying for your family...
    Hope your little ones are feeling better...

    God Bless



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