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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Problem with blogger...

Update: Comments reappeared today :)

There is a problem with blogger's comments that has affect various blogs. We began having problems last week, and now today, we noticed that almost all the comments that have been left on the entire blog are no longer showing.
So if you have left a comment and it is not appearing, that is why. Some if not all of the comments are sent to us to moderate, but after we publish them, they are not appearing.
Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon; I do not know much about computers, but I'm sure it must be complicated. We are thankful that we are able to share with you all here through the free service blogger offers.
So don't give up writing to us/commenting in the meantime; we always love hearing from you!

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


  1. Testing to see in comments publish :)

  2. We will keep commenting, as though there was ever a question of that :-)


  3. Oh, sure we would love to have you all come see us, WE HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM now!!!!!!!

    I could use some of your warm weather over here, I like 90-100* temps.

    Have a great day!!!!


  4. I've been having difficulty getting to your blog, google says "unavailable" I got to your blog today via your website...

  5. Lacey, I'm sorry...is it working better now?

  6. Jaynee, I just noticed that your site is not "refreshing" (not sure of the right word) the link on my blog. The last post it shows is your thanksgiving post and when I click on it, it says there is an error. I tried reentering the link, but it still doesn't work. I noticed that it was working on Amy's blog??? Oh well, I can just type in the address! Hope things get worked out. :)


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