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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Life here is so short

Busy weekend! I enjoy Saturdays. Daniel and the older boys are gone most of the day as they work in preparation for the Sunday services. And while I do miss them, I always look forward to spending special time with the younger ones.

Saturday is our house cleaning day. In addition to our regular work, we do extra things like washing/changing sheets, organizing cupboards or shelves, washing windows, sweeping under couches/beds, etc...

I can usually find something for everyone to do and we have fun working together. This week, we organized/dusted the book shelf and the sheer delight when I told the little ones they could really take every single book off the shelf.

By the evening, the house and yards are clean, and I just love the feeling of everything being clean and in order as we start a new week. :) Of course it doesn't stay that way for long, so thus, we have our cleaning day every Saturday. At the end of the day, after everyone has showered and is ready for bed, we always have a special supper that we all vote on during the day and then usually color or do a craft together.

Early Sunday morning, we got a phone call from Hna. Tola telling us that her husband had passed away during the night. Hna. Tola and her grandson Ivan have been so faithful to the Lord. They both came to Him and were baptized together shortly after the church was started.
Tola's husband had been an invalid for years. He was only 63 and how Hna. Tola cared for him though it was so very difficult. And now she called us in tears letting us know he had passed away.

Here in Mexico, they do funerals different than we do in the states. After someone dies, their body is prepared by the funeral home and then taken back to the house. For the next 24 hours, round the clock, friends and family come to see the body and sit with/mourn with those who are mourning. The following day, they take the body to the grave yard to be buried.

Sunday Evening, we held our evening service at Hna. Tola's house. It was like a small funeral service. The family appreciated it so much. It was very difficult as Tola's husband had a very hard life of sin and while Daniel's witnessed to him on a number of occasions, he always rejected Christ. Only God knows his heart, but how it urges us to continue on sharing the gospel for the time is so short.

Daniel was able to share the gospel that evening during a short message as there were several family members there who do not know Christ. That evening Daniel and I stayed with Tola and Ivan until after midnight.

The burial was scheduled to be early the next morning and Tola wanted Daniel to come before they took the body and sing some hymns with everyone.

The boys (my early birds...sorry girls, you are good at many things, but getting up extra early is still not one of them :) ) helped me mix up some muffins and oatmeal for a quick breakfast.

We then all piled into the truck to head back to Tola's house and then to the grave site.

Funerals always make one think about life, the brevity of it, and what is truly important. I don't remember seeing a lot of death in the USA, but here even in our little town, it is a frequent occurance. Please pray for Tola and Ivan as their hearts ache with the loss of their husband/grandpa.

We didn't get back home until around Noon. While the children did the morning chores we hadn't had time for in the morning, I had the girls help me mix up some bread for a late lunch. We then worked on school for a while while waiting for lunch to cook.

While I spent much time thinking of and praying for Tola and Ivan yesterday, I spent much time also thanking the Lord for the gift of life and the privilege we have to share His love, mercy and grace through Jesus Christ here in Mexico. As we sat down to eat, I again thought that I really don't deserve to be so blessed...I am just so happy! :) God is so good and faithful


  1. Beautifully written...I love how you always remind me to give thanks in everything. Take care.

  2. Im sorry to hear of your loss. May God be with you as you help your friend through this difficult time.

  3. Anna M. from KansasNov 10, 2009, 12:51:00 PM

    First, I thought the pictures of the children cleaning were great! It is always so neat to see children who are willing to work and help with the chores. It looks as if you have a lot of willing helpers.

    How special that you were able to minister to the family who lost their husband/grandfather.

    May the Lord richly bless your family as you pour out your lives for the Mexican people!

    Anna M. from Kansas

  4. Thank you for this reminder

    Susan in Texas

  5. I love how you decorate with all the kids art work. So cute~ I need to make some turkeys before we cook our turkey :-)

    I had to laugh when I counted your "little ones" left at home with you. There are 8 of them! That's how many I have at home normally :-) Too funny~

    What a blessing the Lord has your sweet family there to minister to those hurting and in need of Jesus.


  6. I like your "family vehicle" :) Of course, even if the laws allowed that in Canada, the weather would not permit it!!
    I was also looking at your lunch table... what are you having? I recognized the tobasco sauce and fruit. :)
    Your Saturday sounded very organized and productive. We do most of those things on Friday as my Husband likes us available on Saturdays to do anything he might plan.

  7. Dear Lockwood family,
    We are the Mayo's from Wisconsin, we have read-followed your blog for a while now...we went to meet some new friends a few weeks ago who of all people do we end up chatting about...yes the "Lockwoods" in Mexico! God is good and weave lives together in such unique ways! We are blessed by your faithfulness in serving in such a selfless way and while you share you also let others know that you are real! PTL! So often some blogs can (I am sure without meaning too) paint a rosey pic of life that everything is always wonderful w/ no bumps in the road that I am very careful to suggest them to younger families serving...as not to discourage! We thank you for serving, sharing all Gods doing for your family, the area, what you & everyone learn from HIS trials, and the blessings and mostly for being REAL! thanks for answering Gods call to serve there! We are praying about 3 of our family members coming to serve short term in Celaya. In March.
    Please continue to share and please know that there are many keeping you all in pray from Wisconsin!
    Momma of 8
    P.S. Our family thinks it would be fun for you to show some pics of housing in your area...different than were we would go...still fun to see!

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