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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What has the Lord been teaching you?

I don't think there is hardly a week that goes by in which I don't think of things the Lord is teachng me/working in me. Is that the same for you? Trials have been a very good teacher and worked much patience and driven me to the Saviour; His precious Word convicts, brings light, and renews the mind; the example and testimony of others encourages; and the Spirit's still small voice is so firm yet gentle.

Noah is feeling so much better. The infection is gone and he finishes his antibiotics tomorrow. Thank you for praying, caring, and for the advice.

The children are just growing so quickly. We were talking together today about how we have been created to glorify God in everything forever. How often do I think of that? How would that one thought alone sometimes change they way I say something or what I do or don't do?

I've been teaching the children how that whatever we do, we need to do heartily as unto the Lord. How we need to seek to please the Lord rather than man. I appreciate how well they do their chores as they love to work with mommy and daddy and just beam as we praise them for a job well done. But I want them to do their best for the Lord because they love and want to please Him...that way they will work well even when nobody else is looking.
Whenever I teach my children something, it often pricks at my heart along with or before theirs. Many jobs I tend to do half heartedly because they aren't my favorite thing to do and nobody notices if they aren't done well. So little by little I've been reminding myself of how the Lord wants us to do all for Him, and I've found great joy and unexpected blessings in putting my heart into some formally "mundane" tasks.

The morning weather has gotten a bit chilly. Well, for us "Mexicans" a 50 degree morning just calls for quilts, hot tea or coffee, warm clothes, and extra snuggles. Having no cooling or heating in the house makes us very in tune with the temperatures.:) By 10 am it's back in the 80's, but just having these cool evenings/mornings just makes everything so cozy and brings lots of smiles.
More and more, Mexico is becoming my home. Many missionaries will tell you that often the holidays are difficult times as you tend to get "homesick" especially those first years on the field. We'll be here...home....this Christmas. I realized how much the Lord has answered a prayer I prayed through many sobs and tears years ago...to help me feel at home here...to help me truly love the people here...their culture, food, language, landscape, and all the other things that were so very strange and foreign to me. And they are all now like dear friends...ones whom I get that homesick pit in my stomach when I think of losing any one of them.

It gets dark so early now; the children are spending the evenings pulling out games and toys that hadn't left ther cupboards/boxes for quite some time. This week I began leaving some of my evening work and sitting down to play checkers, build with Lincoln logs, or play trains. I know that when the children are grown and gone, I'll never wish I'd cleaned better or spent more time at my desk...but I will cherish those memories that we spent playing, talking, and laughing together...and I want to have lots of memories.
Someone is getting around a bit on his feet...with some help :) Something the Lord really convicted me about this past year is how much time I spend on the computer. It is so easy to spend 30 minutes reading blogs, recipes, answer emails etc...; it feels like you just sat down and a good part of the hour has past. I'm not very capable of double tasking when I'm on the computer either...I really can't think of anything other than what I'm reading or typing. I love really being with my children...attending to their needs, hearing their every cries, listening whole heartedly to their every story, trying to answer their every question...oh they have so many! :) I am very thankful for the ablilty to communicate with friends and family through the computer, but want to be careful to not let something good replace what is best.

Hospitality...I've been thinking a lot about that lately. I don't think I'm very good at it, but how I want to be! The Mexican people are so very gracious, hospitable, and offer you whatever they have no matter how little it is. I want my children to learn the joy of having others in our home, serving them, fellowshipping with them, making them feel "at home" and all the blessings it brings.
Monday we invited over several families from our church for supper. I prayed that morning asking the Lord to use us to bless these brothers and sisters in Christ and that it would be an enjoyable evening for everyone. And it truly was! The adults ate and fellowshipped around the table for 3 hours while the children played outside and inside together.
Most of the conversation around the table centered around Jesus Christ and God's Word. These dear families who did not even know Him a year or two ago. Praise the Lord for His work!!

I would love to do this every week!
So before I head to bed, I just wanted to share a few things the Lord has been teaching me. What has the Lord been teaching you? I would love to hear about it! He is so faithful and good!


  1. ...patience (& courage) with my family ....comfort in times of loss ....proper priorities ....waiting patiently for His direction. I still have a long way to go on these though!

  2. I loved hearing about all that is going on for you. I guess the main thing that God is working on in me is letting go and giving my worries to him. Especially about if I am doing all that I can to help my disabled children. But, the more I let go of worry and do what I know I am called to do the better things get. My prayers were answered in a huge way for one of my children just yesterday!

  3. I just forwarded you that email on hospitality and then I read this. You might want to check out the link for the free Holiday Issue by clicking the picture on the side of my blog. Maybe you would find some fun ideas in there. I know I sure would love to be one of the families that sits and visits at your table for three hours! :)

    The Lord has been convicting me to desire time with Him as much as I do with my husband. I love how he gave us sweet earthly relationships to help us to understand what our relationship with Him should be.

  4. Jaynee- Great post and good to reflect on what he hath done. I have been dealing with a molar pregnancy, a rare thing..... we went to my 12 wk appt and found out no baby waws growing and a placenta and sac was...... it is still a loss as for 12 weeks I was falling in love with my 5th child..... I had to have a d&C and they said i could lose my uterus because with a molar preg you bleed alot....anyhow...... God is so good. He preserved my life, my womb and heart. He brought me close to HIm in this and I am so thankful for this trial.... this pregnancy can cause uterine cancer so we have to watch my blood levels drop but I am trusting him.... I wanted to share this testimony here so others can see the goodness of our Lord...... sorry so long. He is so good and I know I will be blessed with oodles of more children, and I cant wait. Thankful we ought to be. Bless you


  5. What a wonderful thought provoking post!! I am working on discipline in my life. There has been quite a bit of sickness in my family this year in different forms and I am daily praying that God helps me learn the difference between when it's time to stop to take care of health issues and when it's time to keep going through the pain. Not sure I'm very clear on what I'm trying to say, but the Lord knows!

    So thankful your family is feeling better and on the mend! Praise the Lord! I will be praying that the Lord continues to make Mexico your HOME in every way.

  6. The Lord through His word and the children he has blessed me with constantly reminds me to trust Him..He always provides and supply's all of our needs... And your family is such a blessing. :)

    The Determan's

  7. As always, Jaynee, thanks for your wise words. The Lord's blessed us with a crew of seven kids in 11 years -- which seems really spread out compared to yours! :) With each one, the Lord continually works on my selfishness and my desire to do my things my way (and if everyone else would just agree we'd have no problems! :)

    But serving our Savior and our families is all about be willing to sacrifice, isn't it? I'm so glad the Lord's blessed me with the opportunities to grow and to teach my children over and over the process of giving of ourselves for His glory.

    With that said, I've also learned that I have to give up time at the computer, like you mentioned, and spend time doing things of eternal value! No one on their deathbed has ever wished they'd spent more time blogging, right?

    You're one of the very few blogs I read, so thanks for taking the time to share with us and encourage us!

  8. Jaynee, I love all the pictures! All those kiddies in there playing is such a great picture of hospitality. And I agree with Amy I'd love to come sit for hours and visit :-)

    The Lord has been teaching me that I need to listen more to Him. To let Him get in a word and to be still before Him.

    My mind is so busy with thoughts of everything and it's so easy to not take the time to hear what He has to say to me.

    I'm so glad you are all feeling better and little Samuel looks like such a big boy in his walker.

    Oh yes, me too, too much time on the computer~ Thanks for the encouraging words Jaynee~


  9. It was certainly interesting for me to read the article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  10. I am learning that God works all things out for good to them who are the called according to His purpose, and that I need to trust in Him and His timing.

    I enjoy reading your blog as it causes me to think about what the Lord is challenging me about.

    Over here, we have had over a week in the 40C's.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Jaynee - I have often been convicted while reading your blog. You have such devotion to your family and give so much time to administering and teaching them. So often I get caught up in "secondary" things (tho' often good things, just not the best things).
    The main thing the Lord is teaching me??? When he whispers a little word to me (conviction or instruction), I am learning to just drop what I am doing and obey.

  12. I would love to see more posts from you on meal preparations for a large family including your fave recipes and photos of course! Thanks!

  13. It is certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  14. Hi~ I just wanted to let you know what an encouragement your blog has been to me. Recently I 'found' your blog through another family's blog at our church. You have inspired me to finally get some more structure into our days at home. I have three kiddos under 4 -- my oldest was having many problems and now that I've sorted out our day and given him more to do throughout it, as well as beginning to teach him more intentionally, the problems are dwindling. Thank you so much for your blog and for all the personal and practical information you post. I am taking much of it to heart and trying to implement some into our life. May the Lord so abundantly bless you! Erica

  15. Jaynee, I really enjoy reading your blog. It seems like a lot of us are learning to simply "trust" in the Lord. It sounds easier to do than actually doing it, but oh how much peace we can have when we do. I can relate with Jessica in the above post. I have experienced 3 miscarriages in the last year after two normal full-term pregnancies. I am now expecting again, I am at 8 weeks, and I have to say that I am honestly trusting the Lord for whatever happens this time. It's been the hardest yet best year of my life. The Lord has been so good to me and I have felt His love through it all. Thanks for your posts.

  16. HI! I stopped by to visit. Nice to see pics of your wonderful family. :D

  17. To weep with those that weep. I have lost two people that I care about last week and therefore it has been a hard week at times. I also found out a dear friend of mine has cancer and another friend of mine husband wants a divorce. Praying for miracles and believing that God will hear my prayers and answer them.

    Love in Christ,

  18. Jaynee...loved hearing about all the different aspects of your lives, and where God is working in you. Just wanted to affirm that while blogging can be time-consuming, in YOUR case, it is a ministry unto itself! Your blogs really bless me, and often make me think about the same areas in MY life. Thank you for your honesty and precious heart! Hug kids for me...yours, the neighbor's kids...I don't care...I just love kids! :)

    Nancy in CT

  19. The Lord is teaching me to be grateful, to be diligent, to be kind, and to use gentle words. I can, indeed, do all things through Him who strengthens me. Even homeschool :o)

    Katie in Maryland

  20. Over and over again, your family has been such a blessing - your posts are so encouraging - I love it!
    There are several things I have been learning - one has been strengthening my faith. My husband and I are now the proud parents of a college freshman named Lyndsey. When we took her to West Coast Baptist College at the end of August, she had $400 in her bank account. We had no money to put towards her bill. We didn't know what else to do besides take her there and just trust the Lord to take care of her bill. How AWESOME our Lord truly is! He has provided in such a miraculous way! There were some very uneasy days in the beginning. But, oh how faithful God is! We now have 1 more payment left to finish the semester. We don't know where the money will come from but from the past few months' experience, I KNOW He will provide.

    Another thing I have been learning is about how important words are. One would think that at the age of 40 I would already know that. I do but I really hadn't put everything into practice that I knew. But I see that my words can encourage or discourage, uplift or tear down, praise or cause shame, etc. Oh, how I wish I could go back and start parenting all over again. Maybe I wouldn't make those mistakes again. But I have learned that we have a forgiving Heavenly Father, One who loves us unconditionally, and whose tender mercies are renewed daily. I strive now to find the good in others, especially my children, and to shape their thought patterns correctly. I read in I Corinthians 2:16, "...But we have the mind of Christ." Wow! I have an awesome opportunity to teach my children that and to point them to our Saviour and help them to learn to love Him and embrace Him with all of their being.

  21. You have been a source of encouragement and learning for me. What the Lord is teaching me through trials lately is this:

    becoming a more submissive wife, trusting God as I do. (1 Peter 3:5-6)

    Waiting on the Lord to bring my emotions back to what I'd like them to be.

    Thank you for letting your light shine in a dark world.


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