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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Coloring in the Lines

Good Morning Samuel. Feeling a bit better today :)

I think we've just turned a corner. Instead of everyone going downhill, we've leveled out, started to climb a bit, and are on that twisty turny part of the road...the part (if you get car sick like I do) that seems to drag on and on and makes you long for straighter roads. :)
We are having generally happy mornings with most wanting to eat breakfast and do something which eventually culminates around noon with much whining, complaining, bickering, grumpiness, and tears. And sometimes I want to join them.
They eat a little lunch and nap and then we start the process again until it's finally time for an early bedtime.
They are feeling well enough to not want to lay down all day long, but not well enough to stay up all day either.
They are feeling well enough to want to play some (color, legos, trains, lincoln logs) but usually not well enough to clean up the mess afterwards :)
They are feeling well enough to want to eat but still have delicate appetites and all want something "special" which may be 10 different things.
And they are feeling well enough to play and visit together, but sick enough to be very over sensitive and cry over everything. :)
And I do understand. Nehemiah and Eliseo are still so sick and cough and want drinks all night long. And so I'm tired. And I know how I can be easily offended or complain when I don't feel well or am over tired. And I spent part of today acting accordingly.
So after lunch we all talked :) I know I can tell my children what is right. I can teach them what the Lord wants from us and be very sincere in my teaching. But until I learn and do it myself, what would I really be teaching them?
So mommy had some apologizing to do :) And they are always so forgiving, so it makes it easy :) I then could talk with them about our past couple of days and how we very well may have several more days where we are not all up to par. We talked about being kind and sensitive to others and then being forgiving and asking the Lord to help us not complain easily. It's harder to do what's right when we feel grumpy/sick/sad/hurt. But that is where we can see the Lord work for if we ask for His grace, when we are weak, He is strong!

So with that, the ones who were up to it helped pick up the big messes and put away the clean laundry and we all rested. Ahhhhh. :)
And while there is still some whining and the like, it is better and best of all, I feel joyful which is just how I want to be.
Baby Samuel is doing better it seems! :) He's smiling more and seems to not be running much of a fever anymore. He took it so much better than the other children; the Lord is good!
Brother Carlos is pretty sick now. I know he appreciates your prayers.

I was able to see a specialist yesterday for my kidney infection. Another antibiotic...BIG capsules (the bigger the better?) :). I don't think I'm running much of a fever today, so maybe??? :)

I have some pictures you might enjoy from the past two days...all taken in the morning as nobody is up to much after lunch. Yesterday, a few of the children wanted to color. I colored with them for a bit and just listened to their conversations. Nehemiah's expressions were just priceless and so I traded my crayons for a camera:

Susannah: Look Nehemiah, I can stay in the lines.

Nehemiah: Wook! I can 'tay in the wines too
Susannah: Your getting out I think

Noah: You can't stay in the lines Nehemiah. You're only 2. I'm 5 so I'm really good at staying in the lines. Right Mommy?

Mommy: What do you think about that Nehemiah?

Why do you need to stay in the lines when mommy always loves your pictures anyways :)

Here's our Little Eliseo. He and Nehemiah won't get of bed today, but I got a few smiles yesterday :) We've been praying about this little boy's eyes for some time now and it looks like we may be able to get the surgery he needs to correct them early next year.

Finally, between last night and this morning, I got all the girls hair washed and braided. :)
And they all gave me their sweet smiles :)
Not all better yet, but so good to see them on the mend.
Soon we'll be back to full time school, work, and all the activities that fill our days. So for now, I'm enjoying these slower days where I have more time to write, think, and thank God for the many blessings He gives.


  1. Such a good post. Great to hear everyone is STARTING to feel better too!! A nice reminder too on apologizing when I am "not so kind" because I am tired. I have done that myself on some occasions, and you're right, children are so forgiving.

  2. So thankful to hear you are all feeling somewhat better, and we'll continue to pray for full recovery for all! Appreciated what you said about attitudes, etc when tired, sick and so on. I'm thankful too for forgiving children (and husband), and I've been experiencing it more lately than I like - if you know what I mean!

    I loved the conversations about the colouring!! =) The girls' hair looks wonderful, but I know it's such a big job to do!

    I pray your days get better and better - thanks for updating!!

  3. Gotta love those "feeling better" smiles! :)

  4. So glad to see smiles all around~ Those "faces" on Nehemiah are adorable!!

    I'm so glad to hear that maybe you're doing better too. That's makes a big difference doesn't it!

    Hugs~ Cinnamon

  5. So glad you all are beginning to feel better. Keep it up!!

  6. It's SO wonderful to see ya'll on the mend. Those illnesses are certainly God's way of shaping your lives. I am praying that Eliseo's eyes will be healed.

    A brother in Christ

  7. phew..SO GLAD to see the children feeling better! Do you think it was the swine flu?

  8. Looks like you all are feeling better! That's so wonderful! Praying for your kidney infection, and hope you start to feel better soon as well!

    Anna M. from Kansas

  9. PRAISE GOD jaynee!!! It brought tears to my eyes to read your post today . . . to hear that your precious blessings are on the mend, to see sweet smiles, and to feel your transparency in teaching your children with humility and gentleness. Be blessed today sweet friend! still praying for those that are sick, and So thankful for the ones that are mending! :)
    hugs, misty brown

  10. Just a warning and I hope this doesn't happen with your kiddos, but my daughter's fever was on and off for 2 weeks. Should would be completely fine and fever free for a day or two and then wham it would come right back. Keeping my fingers crossed that you and the children are on the mend.

  11. Oh wow. I know exactly what you mean about those curvy roads... I hope and pray you are all on the straight-away very soon!

    Also praying the BIG pills will do the trick for you.

    Cute, cute pictures! Thanks for posting!

  12. Your family is beautiful! Praise God for faithful families serving in Mexico!


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