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Sunday, October 05, 2008

2 Corintians 12:9

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a sweet, godly mother (of 13) and friend of mine for any words of wisdom or counsel on bringing up children to love the Lord and love each other. Some of her children are now grown and not only do they love the Lord, but truly love each other...they are each other's best friends.

Our children are all still so young and while they have their squabbles, they love being together and I want that friendship to last. My dear friend told me a couple of things that stood out in her mind as to developing a close relationship between her children, but one thing that she said was so true and a good reminder to me. She said, "I do not have all the answers, sometimes I don’t know how it happened, its just His grace and mercy upon us, so undeserved!" Oh how true that is!
For one, it was a reminder to me to always pray for each one of my children, for God loves them so much more than Daniel or I do and how He wants their hearts! It was a wonderful reminder that when I am concerned about an attitude or action that I see in my child and I worry or get frustrated, that I need to continually give that child to the One who changes hearts and lives.
"My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness".
And how weak I am! And what undeserved grace the Lord gives me each day!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us and specifically for my morning sickness. Early last week I was feeling pretty miserable but the past 4 days I've felt so much better and we enjoyed getting caught up on house work, laundry, and even helping Daddy with more outside work. Here's some pictures from the past few days:

Isaiah losing his first "real tooth"! We say real because he did lose one a few years ago, but it was due to trying to bite the cement. So this was a very exciting moment! Does that look like a scary way to lose a tooth? It does to me! But the children LOVE having Daddy pull their teeth with his "leatherman". I think he's pulled around 40 teeth this way now :)

Our little Isaiah is growing up!

The girls dumped all the laundry in the hallway to sort...but first, the little ones jumped in it a bit. Well, we don't get any fall leaves here to play in, so we improvise :)
Eliseo is "Daddy's little helper".
Each morning, we have a meeting before school starts. The past few days, we've had it in our bedroom where it is cooler.

Nehemiah and his bullfrog...you rarely see one without the other :)
Lunch time!
Clean up! We get this done in no time...many hands make light work!

Beka's so good to keep the little ones occupied while the older ones clean

Afternoon activities

Saturday, the boys worked with Daddy...it's so fun to have Daddy home! Even Nehemiah's been a big helper moving the dirt

Have a wonderful week as you rest in the grace of Jesus!


  1. That *does* look like a scary way to lose a tooth! but he looks anything BUT scared! haha... God bless you guys!

    love jess

  2. Your personal stories give me so much hope for my own little crew. I have four little ones and really hope that they will develop life long friendships with one another. Thank you again!

  3. Just found your web site through Tammy's Recipes - loved the visit.

    We are born again Baptist's in WI area. Fun to find like minded Christians in blog land. :)

    I will be praying for your morning sickness - "His grace is sufficient!"


  4. what sweet children.
    It truly is gods grace....once one thinks it's their own doing it's downhill from there!!! Pride before the fall!

    Did you get a chance to see my blog?

    Have a wonderful day and I hope you continue to feel better!!

  5. Love seeing your life in action! Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better.

  6. I saw on your favorite books list
    that you like Pilgrems Progress.
    I have a book based on his blind
    daughter Mary Bunyan.My family and I wanted to know if you would like
    us to send you some stuff.Do you want books,or games?We are going to send some shoe boxes too.
    Please email me.
    I enjoy reading your blog,
    Morgan-12 and Katie-10
    P.S. We are praying for you.

  7. Thank you for reminding me to pray for my little ones, and give them to the Lord when they are challenging me. You are a blessing, and God bless you and your family.

  8. Morgan and Katie,
    I wasn't sure how to email you, so I will just leave a comment here. I'm sure we would enjoy a book by John Bunyan if you want to send it. Our children like both books and games. Thank you so much for your prayers :)

  9. Thank you for this post -- the words about praying for my children and entrusting their hearts to the Lord were just what I needed to read tonight. :)

  10. I needed that. I just had a talk with my children about being best friends forever. I realize I need to just lean on the Lord even more when they are not acting the way I feel they should. (He is the answer for ALL things!!)Thank you for posting that. Loved the pics!!
    Be blessed,

  11. Thanks! I needed that too. I get so tired of having to be a referee. Often, I forget the obvious to pray for my dear children.

    Thanks again,

    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  12. I will pass on loosing a tooth that way. However, at our house we don't do the tooth fairy but ice cream sundays for everyone. So, the kids "help" eachother pull out teeth that are ready. LOL! I blogged about a laundry pile such as yours a year ago or so. You said I was such a fun mom... I love how you and your children move through your day.
    Blessings from one fun mom to another fun mom,

  13. i love how smiley your kids are! I love how my children are such buddies too! we are praying for it to last!

  14. Hello Lockwoods,

    We're watching Hurricane Norbert and praying he isn't close to you. Please keep us posted.

    In Christ,
    Katie Gillio & family

    PS-I wouldn't want to lose a tooth that way, either. Your children are BRAVE! :o)

  15. How funny, my 13 yr old daughter walked in as I was looking at the blog, grabbed her mouth and went "eek. owwwww" lol I dont think my kidlets will let us pull their teeth with a leatherman ...ever! probably works great though!


  16. I'm going to have to keep my boys from seeing this, I think they'd like to try that even without a wiggler.


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