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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wonderful week!

Timothy walked outside yesterday and took a picture of our cricket farm :) Yes, there are about as many inside the house too...just not all in one spot. They come every year with the rains. In fact, about 5 or so years ago, we made a survey trip down in this area as we were praying about where the Lord would have us to work. Of all the places we visited, this was the one town I said I would NEVER want to go to....there were soooo many crickets and I was literally scared to death of them. I wouldn't even get out of the van. I remember Daniel talking to someone at a payphone and the crickets were jumping on his neck and going down his shirt!
Well, the Lord sent us right here! :) And He even gave me grace to handle the crickets. They honestly don't really bother me anymore. A couple nights ago, one jumped on my face while I was eating supper and I just threw it off. The Lord is so good to even care about my fear of bugs ;)

We had such a blessed week last week. It started out with the good report from the doctor, and we thank the Lord that as I've been up and around this week, there have been no noticable problems with our new little bean (as the children affectionately call him/her) :).

We spent the week getting "caught up" on chores/school ect... and Daniel too was able to go back to his regular routine. We were very blessed to have Brother Juan and his family with us through Friday. We enjoyed some meals together, hearing him and his wife sing songs together (the Lord has given them both beautiful voices), and our children enjoyed playing with their little girl too.

Brother Juan's wife, Martha, spoke to the ladies/young ladies of our church Thursday night about things that pertain unto being women belonging to Christ. She encouraged them in the Lord through His Word in how we talk, dress, live, and serve.

Another thing that made our week so wonderful was Daniel annoucing to the family that his uncle, Pastor Tom Lucatorta, who has a church in our home town area in California, wanted our family to come to their mission's conference the first week in November. After much prayer, Daniel felt the Lord leading him to accept the invitation, so we will be making a trip north next week. It will be a whirlwind trip....it is a 32 hour drive "home" not including the border crossing or stops (potty breaks, fueling up, eating ect...), so it takes us a good full 3 days to get there. So the plan is to leave Thursday (the 30th), we'll arrive Saturday evening, attend the conference Sunday through Wednesday, and then be back home here Saturday evening. Brother Juan will be coming back up to preach for Daniel the Sunday we will be gone.

The children have only been to a couple of missions conferences during our deputation time, but that was about 5 years ago, so most of them don't remember. We were explaining to them what a missions conference is and we are all so excited to be a part of one again.

But then, to be honest, there is another part of going to the USA that is at the fore front of all these little Lockwood's minds...Daddy and Mommy included. Here are some of the comments I've heard this week:

*Oh mommy, do you think you can buy a couple boxes of malt-o-meal to take back home with us? (Timothy)

*I can't wait until we cross the border and see a Taco Bell....I LOVE their bean burritos! (Elijah)

*Oh Mommy, we can buy some stuff to make pumpkin pie and the other yummy things we do on Thanksgiving like at Grandma's house. (Rebekah)

*I LLLOOOOVVVVVEEE the states! They have these pizzas that you take home and put in the oven and they are super yummy! (Abigail)

* McDonalds french fries are there everyone! Yeeeeaaaa! (I think I heard that comment from about 6 of them).

Okay, so apparently we all miss American food. I've been telling Daniel the past few weeks, "Why is it that everything that sounds good to my queasy tummy or any craving I have ALWAYS something that is only in the USA?" :)

Enjoying a meal of beans, salad, chicken, and pasta with Brother Juan and his family.

Sorry that this picture is sideways :) But here is Brother Juan, his wife Martha, and their little girl Genesis. They are just so sweet and we enjoyed our time with them so much.

I took this last picture just to show you what my children do anytime I eat anything! When I'm morning sick, rather than eat big meals, it helps if I eat little snacks throughout the day. So I had grabbed a couple of crackers out of the cupboard and all that heard/saw me, ran up for a bite. I said, "Stand right there while I get my camera." I had them do it again so I could show them how silly they all look :)


  1. That last picture cracks me up. I buy certain foods that are only for Daddy or Mommy since the kids would eat it all up and need more at one time. So whenever I make myself a cup of tea or coffee (who wants to use umpteen tea bags and wash a bunch of extra cups for every cup of tea I drink?) they all come one by one and quietly ask if I'll save them the last few sips. After the fifth child asks, I either laugh or answer with a short "no!" They look at me like "what did I do?" They just didn't realize that a whole bunch of them had already been there before they were and had already asked. At least your kids are open and obvious with their requests. :)
    I'm glad you've had a good week (or that you can at least focus on the good parts, even if it wasn't all good.) Have a wonderful day with your precious family!
    Love, Amy

  2. Wow! Never a dull moment, huh! I'm so glad you are feeling better. I trust your trip home goes well. I had not heard the word about "your youngest sister's" twins! Another wow! 3 new grandbabies in a row for for your parents. How exciting--and how sad being so far away from all the little Lockwoods. God is gracious.
    Love and blessings,
    Aunt Linda

  3. That last picture of your "hungry birdies" is too funny! That happens around here too. My kids can hear a wrapper from the other side of the house. LOL
    So glad to hear you are feeling better.
    The missions conference sounds very exciting, I pray your travels are safe and your bellies handle all the food your children are looking forward to. :o)

    His Peace,

  4. Hi Jaynee and Family,
    I am thankful your folks enjoyed the DVD! I hope your box gets there before too much longer. How exciting to go to the conference and for all the requests the children made, that is great, I guess when your here we take all that for granted, I hope that it works out to get their hearts desires, especially the pumpkin pie ingredients!! Keep in touch!!

  5. How fun! Another trip to CA! Wish we could meet you there~ Gianna keeps saying "can we go visit the Lockwoods?" Before I can answer Gaela says "no they live a far far away". But she still keeps asking :-)

    I'm so glad you're up and around. That must feel wonderful~

    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers~ Cinnamon

  6. Thank you for the update Jaynee! I'm glad things are going well for you, Daniel, "Justin," and the other children.

    We will be praying for a safe journey to the U.S. and a blessed trip.

    Please pray for our nation. It is hard not to dispair when it seems the culture of death may gain another victory in a few weeks. But we must keep our eyes on Jesus. And pray and pray and pray.

    In Him,
    Katie G.

  7. I have to say that I am concerned for your children as they appear quite thin in the photos. No wonder they beg for crackers during your snack times. Can I send them a food package?

  8. LOL, I can totally relate to the pic of the children begging for a bite!

    So glad to see that you and the little one are doing well. Praise the Lord!


  9. mamaluv~
    I assure you that our children well fed :) The Lord has always so wonderfully met our every need and while we may not have everything we would "like" to eat, we have yet to go hungry.
    "Lockwoods" are known for their ability to eat and eat and eat and yet remain quite slender. Our children often outeat their Daddy and I have no idea where they put it all. They work and play hard everyday and have lots of energy to burn.
    And rather than snacking on twinkies, chips, candy ect... and watching TV or playing video games, our children grow up eating homecooked/baked food, fruit, veggies, and would rather spend their free time running around outdoors than anywhere else.
    I thank the Lord for their energetic, healthy, strong little bodies.
    Now, if you did send them a package of food, I'm sure they would happily eat it...:)

  10. This is really good to know, that my children are not the only ones who to things like that! What is it about us parents eating something, that make the littles think that they too, must eat!

    I will be praying you all have a safe and uneventful trip.

    BTW, I was wondering, do you and your husband vote?

    Jennifer D

  11. Jaynee! We're going to be in Redding a good portion of the trip since that's where Charley's brother lives!! Oh man! It'd be wonderful to meet up with you guys and meet your family.. my email is we2r1preston@gmail.com. can you email me a good phone number and when you will be in Redding? We will be there this coming Sat-Mon... Oh I'm so excited!!!! :)

  12. ps. how bizarre is it that you are going to Redding when that's the main destination of our trip? lol God is awesome, isn't He?? :)

  13. Jennifer D~ Yes, we are registered voters who do vote provided our absentee ballots reach us in time!

  14. Jennifer D~ Yes, we are registered voters who do vote provided our absentee ballots reach us in time!


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