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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Benjamin means "Son of my right hand"

What a busy yet blessed weekend! It started out a bit rough, and I was so worried about how everything would turn out. How silly for me to worry so, for the Lord always works all things for our good; it's so easy to worry and not fully trust Him yet He NEVER fails.
Early Friday morning (about 2 am) Eliseo began throwing up. Around 4 am Abigail came in after she got sick needing a shower and change of sheets and pjs. Daniel woke the boys up at 7:30 am and soon found that Timothy and Elijah weren't feeling too good either. When Nehemiah wouldn't get out of bed, Daniel said, well, that makes 5 down. Daniel had to leave to pick up Brother Juan and his family and would be gone for the day. He was planning on taking most of the children with him, but now some couldn't travel and we weren't sure how many others may get sick on the way. It was finally decided that the 3 youngest well ones would go along for the ride. The five sickies would have to stay home and the 3 oldest well ones would help.
Oh, there was so much to do...laundry, getting the house clean, and fixing supper for everyone when they returned. But I promised Daniel I would stay in bed per doctor's/hubby's orders and assign jobs.
The Lord was gracious and Timothy and Elijah began to feel much better by the afternoon. The house got cleaned, about half the laundry done, and Rebekah made spaghetti, bread, and a salad for supper.
Brother Juan and his wife are just so humble and sweet and we've sooo enjoyed their fellowship. Saturday we had a bbq at our house for our church workers and we invited our 14 year old neighbor girl to stay too. She had come over that afternoon to visit me. Her family moved in about 3 months ago. Our Abigail gave her a Spanish John/Romans and a tract and we have shared the gospel with her many times. Daniel asked Brother Juan's wife, Martha, if she would talk to Andreina (the girl) too, and last night, she accepted the Lord Jesus as her Saviour!
While I missed helping with the cooking, clean up, and playing the games, Daniel brought a chair outside for a bit so I could visit with everyone which was so much fun.
The family has been gone most of today as we always are with the bus routes, morning and evening services ect... And right now, our church is just beginning their fellowship meal with Brother Juan's family. They are giving him a love offering tonight and a couple of weeks ago, they voted to take some of their regular offerings to make them a gift basket and buy their 3 year old daughter a toy. I wish I could be there to see them present everything to them.
Now getting around to the title of this post.... :) After all the hussle and bussle of the weekend and mommy being down until further notice, the place looked like a tornado went through. Even Martha, when she came over for lunch after morning service, said that she would clean up next time she was over. :)
The family left for church tonight and Daniel left Eliseo, Susannah and Noah here with me and it was big boy Benjamin's turn to stay to be the helper. The little ones were still napping and I was feeling pretty tired, so I asked Benjamin if he would please wash the lunch dishes while Mommy took a nap.
Next thing I know, it was about an hour later. I woke up as Benjamin walked in the room and said, "I cleaned up the whole house for you Mommy. Do you want to come see?" I walked down the hall and was soooo surprised! He really had cleaned EVERTHING! And really, really well! He even had mopped the floors and had gotten Noah and Susannah up and given them a snack outside. I was so very proud of him.
Tomorrow morning we go back to the doctor. Pray that the placenta tear is healing or better yet, has healed. We'll update after the appointment and let you all know.
Abigail and our new sister in Christ, Andreina

Little sick Nehemiah camped out on Mommy's bed.

Little sick Eliseo...I'm so glad they are all feeling better!

Susannah got hit in the head with a stick (unintentionally) by a sibling, so she was icing it with a bag of frozen berries. :)


  1. Jaynee,
    What a sweet post! Your children are such good helpers. I am praying for your pregnancy and hope the stomach bug is gone.
    Janice in NH

  2. Poor sick, and stick hit babies. I know how proud I feel of my kids when they surprise me with clean-up, you must feel very proud of your Benjamin, with all that's going on with you.
    My 6 yr. old has a fever and throwing up today, just praying the 4 yr. old doesn't get it.
    Continued prayers for you and your family. I pray God's complete healing for the torn placenta. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  3. God bless your sweet Benjamin. My 6yo Bethany is my child with a true servant's heart and she will often wake me to tell me that she did everyone's chores for them. It pleases me so much.
    Praying for God's complete healing. Guess I didn't realize that you could come off of bedrest. Wouldn't that be a blessing! Thank you for sharing another day of your life with us.
    Love, Amy

  4. Oh what a great job Benjamin did!! You should be very proud! I will be praying for your doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am believing in a total healing : )

  5. You are always in our thoughts Jaynee~ Love the pictures of the kids and Andreina!

    Has Daniel been able to get out to any new villages? One of our kiddos keeps praying for "open doors" for you all.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


  6. hello jaynee, i don't post much on homescool blogger or this site . Congratulations!!!!!! OUR KIDS really enjoyed looking at your site. I believe the Lord is using your family in a unique way. I would really like for our family to go on an extended missions trip someday. Thank YOu for sharing what the Lord is doing. I am saddened to think that anyone would speak negatively to you about another child on the way. I personally believe the Lord is the one who creates life not you or me. Have a blessed week. MommaBear9

  7. Very proud of Benjamin and all the others who are helping mommy during this time.

    I pray all goes well tomorrow and the sick kiddos get to feeling better.

  8. Just wanted to let you know you've been in my prayers lately and will continue to stay there!

    Love in Christ,
    Suzi Searles

  9. Hi Jaynee,
    Good job Benjamin!!! Will be praying for the Dr. visit. Looks like the Lord gave great grace to the situation and you were still able to rest! Let us know about the Dr.

  10. Praying for you here in Virginia! I was so blessed to read of how Benjamin helped you. Please keep the "helpfulness" stories coming - it encourages my mama-heart, and inspires my children! :)


  11. I hope everyone is feeling better today! Praying for good news at the doctor's office. :)

  12. What a great post! I'm so thankful the kiddos are feeling better! And we are praying that all goes well with your upcoming doc appointment! And PRAISE GOD for that precious neighbor girl coming to know the Lord!!

    I loved your comment! I need to update my blog again soon! I was gone all weekend at our church's women's retreat, so I haven't had a chance to blog anything, but I will soon! Glad you visit every once in a while! I hope you don't have to stay in bed much longer.. that would drive me nuts! :)

    love jess

  13. How exciting about Andreina!! Love the picture of her and Abigail. God is using your entire family. Praise HIM!


  14. hi again Jaynee. I dun gave you an award. Come get it at my blog! :)

    love jess


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