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Monday, October 27, 2008

It is hard to believe we will be "home" in just a few days and then back home here in a few more days. Everyone is very excited but Daddy challenged us all to concentrate and work hard during the first part of this week and then we can all enjoy our time up north.

Last night, I fell asleep around 10:30 pm while Daniel was out helping some people until around 11:30 pm. I was so tired, yet thought I should really stay up a bit longer as I needed to catch up on some laundry and clean a bit as it's just so nice to start the day with everything done. But my tired eyes wouldn't stay open, so I set the alarm a bit early and fell asleep. I didn't even hear Daniel come home nor did I hear what he did when he got here...I woke up this morning and was surprised to find 5 loads of laundry washed, the floors swept and mopped and both bathrooms cleaned! I went out to the kitchen sink to wash a bottle for Eliseo when Daniel sneaked up behind me, hugged me and asked if I liked the house. He said he just wanted my "Monday" (which he knows can be a busy day) to get off to a good start. I didn't even know what to say and felt so loved and grateful for his thoughtfulness.
The children helped me put all the clothes away this morning and then we worked on school until lunch. The boys have been spending the afternoon weeding the front yard to earn some pesos to buy a special snack/treat for their backpacks to take on the trip.
Daniel left about 2 hours ago to preach out in Jesus Maria. It doesn't feel like 5:45 pm right now...it's almost dark! I'll have to call the boys in soon. Yesterday, daylight savings time ended here in Mexico. While I was looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, the children didn't see the need for it and where up like clockwork Sunday morning an extra hour early. It was nice having everything done so early before the services though...made me rethink our Sunday routine in general as we are more often than not rushing around and running late!
Oh, we have been trying to eat everything in our cupboards/fridge the past week and buy as little as possible. We always do this before a trip and we've had some interesting and fun meals lately :) The fridge is almost empty...we have some mayo, musard, garlic, chili peppers, manteca, and 2 boxes of cream cheese which I picked up a few weeks ago when we went to the city.
Everytime I saw the cream cheese, I would think of bagels....I really like bagel and they've sounded sooo good lately. But you can't get bagels here. So this afternoon, the thought occured to me that I could probably make some. We had flour, salt, yeast, sugar and water of course, so the children all gather around to help. We had so much fun and they were soooo yummy! And now I only have 1 box of cream cheese left ;) Everyone voted to make some more bagels before we leave!
Well, I'm off to make some enchiladas for supper and pray for Daniel and the village there while I cook. :)

Here is a scorpian Daniel found in the church yesterday morning!

Our dear sweet brothers and sisters in Christ here in Cd. Insugentes! Our sweet widow lady, Juanita, is on the left hand side at the end standing next to Abigail, Rebekah and I. I was sitting down holding Eliseo when she came into the church last night and she gave me a hug and said, "Oh, you are just my size now! :)"

Boiling the bagels...this was everyone's favorite part...other than the eating! :)

Brushing them with egg white so "they will look all pretty" says Abigail

They didn't last very long :)


  1. When I think back to how ill Daniel was just a few months ago, it is so good to know that he now has the energy to be out till late in the evening, and still come back home and do such a wonderful thing for his tired and pregnant wife! And what a wonderful example for all of your boys! They, too, will be super husbands and fathers some day. Good for the girls, too, to see how a man is supposed to cherish his wife! I'm sure you have your "moments" at times, but what a beautiful picture of a Biblical marriage you are for your children, and whole community to see and put into practice in their own lives!

  2. Those look yummy! Enjoy your week.

    Susan in Texas

  3. Have a safe and fun trip! If you ever come to the east coast, let me know! I will be praying for your trip.

  4. Wow! I'm REALLY impressed! Had you ever homemade bagels before? How did you do it? Did you just google for a recipe? I found one and was wondering if that is what you used (http://www.dianaskitchen.com/page/recipes04/a40226l.htm)

    I'm a great cook and a great baker, but I don't improvise and I always have a recipe. I wish I could "wing it" a little more!

    Hope your trip to the states goes smooth and I'm so happy to hear all the great news you've been sharing lately. Glad to hear you are up and about!

    God bless!

  5. Those look yummy! I've always wanted to make them but never have.

    Isn't it so nice to not worry and just let God take our cares. 5 loads of laundry! Wow!! He gets a big round of applause from us~

    Excited for you all to be returning to the states for some "taco bell" :-)


  6. what marcia said!! Totally!!

  7. Michelle,
    I used the recipe from tammysrecipes.com . It was so very basic and simple...just flour, salt, sugar, yeast, and water. I let our bread machine mix the dough, let it rise a bit, then we had fun shaping the bagels, cooking each one for about a minute in boiling water, and then after brushing them with egg white, we baked them for another half hour. They were really good...soft but "chewy" like a bagel should be :) It was so nice since it seems all my pregnancy cravings involve USA food...this one hit the spot! ;)

  8. Your children are so beautiful!! About the bagels, did you have a recipe? If so, could you pass it on. I would love to have it.
    Thanks and God bless!!
    liz willhite

  9. Wow, what a sweet husband you have - my sweetie likes to surprise me like that too. It's good for you to rest when your body demands it. I'm so glad you are doing so well - I'm continuing to pray!! Praying for safety and good health for all of you on your trip!!

  10. I need to go make some bagels...it's been a long time and they sound super yummy! Hope your trip this weekend is a safe and enjoyable one. :)

  11. oh wow. i have never made bagels before! they look so yummy too. were they hard to make? I was wondering how you pay for your bills, house, and food, clothing for the kids..I know you said your husband spends his days praying with the neighbors, but do they pay him for that? Your family is very handsome btw!

  12. I was curious about your road trip home. Do you take turns driving to break up the trip? Where do you sleep during the 3 day journey? Tents or hotels? Do you pack food for the trip? How do all the kids do in the car for so long? DVD players?

  13. What a sweet and thoughtful hubby.
    The scorpian scared me a bit, I remeber them when I was in Saudi and they still freak me out. I think its amazing how clean you keep your home with all the family. I did take an idea of yours by having the same child do dishes for a year so they learn how to do it and dont forget what their chore is.
    Many blessings sent your way and May our Mighty Father pour is blessings upn you and your family and a prayer for travling mercies too.

  14. What a sweet thing for your husband to do. I recently stumbled on your blog and wanted to say hi! I have seven kids ages 9 and under, so it's fun to see another busy household.


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