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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hurricane Coming

Hurricane Norbert reached category 4 status today. It is predicted to land right in our neck of the desert by late Friday/early Saturday. Please pray for our town as it's still recovering from the previous storm we had in August. We will be having a prayer meeting tonight at our church here as well.
Last week, we had a sudden thunderstorm with strong winds and lots of lightening. In fact, it was so bad that I called all the children to come inside rather than letting them watch the storm from under the back patio as we usually do. The next day, we found out that the pastor of the Apostolic church in town went out in the storm to gather in his chickens when he was struck by lightening and instantly killed. He lived only 5 blocks from our house. He left his wife and 8 children (5 are grown, 3 still live at home). We will be visitng his family and taking them some food this week.
Tomorrow, we will be moving in the rest of the dirt we had delivered to finish raising up the yard in preparation for the storm. Tomorrow is also Timothy's 12th birthday! :) So we have a special party planned. This is the last day I can say that I am pregnant with our 12th and our oldest is 11 :) Thank you so much for your prayers.


  1. We will be in prayer for you, your family and your town. Having just gone through ICK in Houston, the memories are still too fresh.

    the Deans

  2. Prayers for you and your area! I live in an area prone to hurricanes of the Atlantic, and can understand the damage from those storms. Prayers also for your mission.

  3. Praying!

    His Peace,

  4. We're keeping you in our prayers each night and checking your updates. Thanks for keeping us posted~


  5. wow it sounds intense. I'll keep you and the people in the area in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. We will be praying that God's hand will be on your town, and especially on your family!

  7. Praying for your family. We experienced IKE recently here in Houston. The children had been memorizing Psalm 91 and God used it to comfort us in the midst of the storm.
    The Gilmore family in Houston

  8. Oh please, please evacuate! I just lived through Hurricane Ike here in Texas and it was so scary and there are still 300 people missing from Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula. Can't yall start to head north? I am so worrying about you all! I don't know how far inland you are there or what kind of storm surge they are expecting, or even if they have early warnings down there, but maybe you should head north. We decided to stay and ride out Ike, and it was one of the most scary nights of my life and we were far enough inland.. I live about 70 miles from the coast. I don't want to frighten you but having just lived through one of these, I can see what they are capable of and that from that picture on your blog it just looks like a mighty skinny piece of land you are on! Please keep us up to date and let us know if you need anything sent after the storm. We had no power after the storm and the grocery stores had no food for like a week after. I will be happy to send supplies, but of course it might be hard for supplies to get in. I know that hurricanes can wash out roads. Oh please consider evacuating to the north! I didn't send this for posting on the comments, but I just thought it might be the quickest way to communicate with you. I did send you an email last week I think? But I know it was a hard to answer email, and I don't even know if you got it, and even if you did, you have much more to worry about right now that's for sure. I know what you are going through. PLease make sure to get in lots of food and water as it will be hard to get those kinds of supplies after the storm and that was even here in the USA the land of plenty!
    Oh please stay safe little family.. er I mean large family! :)

  9. Our family will be praying for yours. Like you and so many others we live in an area vunerable to hurricanes. We will continue to pray for you throughout this ordeal. We will also lift up your entire community and the family that lost their husband/father last week.

    The Henderson Family of Coastal Georgia

  10. Praying for you as you prepare for the storm and as you deal with the sudden death of your neighbor. God is watching over all of us at all times.
    Please say Happy Birthday to Timothy. Take good care of yourself.

  11. Im so sorry to hear about your friend. Im praying for his family and yours. and your town. I pray the storm just passes by with little effect. Happy birthday to your son.

  12. Jaynee,

    My prayers are with you and your family and all others that are in the Hurricanes Path.

    May the Lord keep you all safe from harm

    God Bless


  13. Happy 12th Birthday, Timothy!

    I'm praying for all of you in the days ahead as the storm approaches. Hopefully Norbert will diminish over the next couple of days, and you won't feel any effects of him!

  14. Jaynee- I asked our church last night to keep you lifted in prayer down there! Please stay safe!!!!!! And I hope you guys have a terrific time celebrating a birthday today!


  15. Jaynee! Yes, we will be hitting our knees for you guys regarding this upcoming storm, as well as for that family who just lost a father, husband and pastor. Thanks for keeping us updated. We will be praying.

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment. If you think of it, please DO pray that I can feel 'sick like you' soon- haha (nice way of putting it!)... but more than that, that my hubby and I can be united and that God will bless us with a little one in HIS timing (even though I wish 'His timing' had arrived a few months ago). :) I'm learning to be patient! What a fun lesson! :)

    Thanks again, Jaynee. God bless you guys..


  16. Praying for your family and others in the path!I love reading your blog.Your family is such an inspiration to us all.

  17. Please be safe. We will be praying for your family.
    I just reposted on my blog your entry for sept about the Christmas boxes. I hope that is ok.
    take care.

  18. We go to the Apostolic Faith Church here in the states. I was telling our pastor about the pastor who got hit by lightning. He wanted to know his name. The Apostolic Faith movement isnt that big so its possible they would know them. If its the Apostolic Church (not faith) that is different. They are oneness. Faith is trinity.
    We are going to ask the church to participate in the boxes for the kids for you.

  19. Debbieo~ The church here is an Apostolic chruch. They do not believe in the trinity and have some other unbiblical beliefs as well. The pastor's first name was Mario, but I don't know his last name. He was a national pastor.

  20. Praying for you guys and your area.
    Happy Birthday, Timothy!!!
    Be blessed,

  21. I have been praying for you and your family and will continue to do so. May God keep you under His wing.

  22. Thank you,you are amazing for being able to answer my questions while preparing for a hurricane. I have been praying for your safety. I am sorry the church is not a faith one. We almost didnt come to our church having heard of the oneness one. We did research and found out the faith churches are more Biblical.
    Blessings to you.

  23. Stopping by to offer more prayers, I will be thinking of your family and all the people living in your area. Looks like its getting really close now. I hope everything fairs well, I know the floods in Aug were just terrible and I hate to see people having to deal with something like that again.


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