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Thursday, March 12, 2009

32 weeks 3 days

The doctor came in this morning and said he was very pleasantly surprised that I am still pregnant. To me, that shows how the Lord is hearing and answering your prayers and reminds me that we are completely in His loving hands.
Daniel has brought the children up most every day. Yesterday, they brought me more letters/pictures for my gallery :)
They have let me walk down the hall occasionally and the other day I walked with the children back to the elevator. They funny/sad thing was that when the elevator doors opened and Daddy led them all inside, they turned around and saw me waving good bye and then....burst into tears. Some of them thought I was going home with them; apparently the fact I was hooked up to an iv and wearing my pj's and robe didn't convey the message I was staying still. But I called them a couple hours later and they were happy and excited about visiting me the next day.
Elijah's 11th birthday is on Tuesday, and provided baby hasn't come, we're planning a party here :) We've been blessed by dear families in the church providing suppers for the family and also sitting with the children after they've gone to bed for the night so Daniel can come visit me a bit. We are so very blessed and grateful for everyone who has prayed for us, helped lighten our load, and encouraged us these past weeks. We are one day closer to having this precious baby in our arms and introducing him to all who have loved him so much already.


  1. Hi Jaynee~
    Oh that's was so sad/funny, thinking of you standing at the elevator, with no doubt FULL elevator, and them thinking you were going to come home :-)

    Looks like you've added your hospital visit to you MOTH schedule and things are going smoothly :-)

    Looking forward to hearing your still in the hospital for a few more Mondays :-)

    Hugs~ Cinnamon

  2. I LOVE your calendar! Also got a big kick out of how both boys reversed their lower case letters that occurred in the same word with the, upper case, letter at the beginning! Bady with Benjamin, and Dabby with Isaiah. Too cute! :)

  3. We are praying for you and your sweet blessing! Praising God for his goodness and for answered prayers!


  4. So glad to read your posts and hear that baby boy is staying put for now. Thank you for inspiring me with your attitude despite being on hospital bedrest. We continue to lift you and your family in prayer. Finally, I have to admit that I looked VERY closely at the list of your children's names on the photo of the white board but I couldn't make out "Justin's" name. I tried though :o)
    In Him,
    Katie in Maryland

  5. Hi,
    I have read your blog for quite awhile. We live in the southern Cal area and always pray for you as you go back and forth over the border. I love reading about your sweet family. Due to you I have purchased managers of their homes and have begun working my way towards a more organized schedule. I will continue to pray for you as this little one grows.

  6. Those letters from your kids are precious.
    Praying for you and the baby.

  7. So glad to hear you're continuing to do well! The letters from the children are so sweet.

  8. So I just got inspired by one of the others to look at my nephew's name too. All it says is baby with a heart. No fair! =0)

  9. I love those letters/pictures... What precious little reminders that the Lord has you, your dear husband, and children in His strong and protective arms. :)

    Love you!


  10. That is wonderful. Those letters are going to be something your son will cherish his whole life.

  11. So precious!!!
    Since you are sharing pictures....do you have one of the baby bump?

  12. So precious!!!
    Since you are sharing pictures....do you have one of the baby bump?

  13. I'm getting caught up with your blog and I have a couple of questions to add to your next question and answer post-

    1. Do you have insurance that is paying for your (possibly long)stay in the hospital? Or....?

    2. Are you going to continue trusting the Lord for your family size?

    Joanna :)


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