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Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Days Old

First, I apologize for giving so many a scare with the title of the last post. I should have thought that through a little better. The past few days have been wonderful/overwhelming/and somewhat of a blur, and while I've wanted to update here sooner, the free moments have been few and far between.
Sunday morning, I was discharged from the hospital. The wound from my c-section has not bothered me much at all. I had to have 3 of the staples removed before I left because they were a bit infected, but I'm so thankful the pain has been minimal and easily controlled with an advil.
The hardest part of my recovery has been from the loss of blood before/during/and after the surgery. My heart feels like it is beating out of my chest sometimes and just taking a shower or any other small task leaves me exhausted. My last H and H counts were about 7.9 and 23 which are low, but seem to have stabalized.
While I'm sooo happy to be back home with the children, it's been challenging as I have to pump every 3 hours day and night and then just all the trips back and forth to the hospital to deliver the milk/spend time with Samuel coupled with taking care of the children back here at home. I am soooo tired! But I am soooo thankful.
As I remember lying there on that operating table and hearing the doctor say the placenta came out, I am so filled with praise and thanksgiving toward our wonderful God.
I am thankful for those that have provided meals for our family as that has saved us time/energy/money that we have been able to invest in Samuel. And I'm grateful for those that have come by in the evening to sit with the children while they sleep so Daniel and I can visit our little boy together. I treasure those special evenings when it's just the 3 of us.
Samuel is doing great! The night before I was discharged, I went into the NICU to bring him milk and they let me do kangeroo care with my sweet boy for an hour. For those who do not know, that is when you hold your baby skin to skin while covered with blankets. We will be able to hold him more after he's done with his bili light therapy. He's up to taking 12 cc's of milk via his feeding tube and as he is able to increase the amount there, they continue to gradually decrease the amount of nutricion he receives through his PICC line (TPN). Today is the last day of his antibiotic too! :)
When I went up to see him early this afternoon, the only thing he had on his face was the eye mask to protect his eyes from the light thearpy and the little feeding tube down his nose. The nurse turned off the lights and removed his "shades" for a few minutes so I could love on him and it was the first time I'd seen his face so clear of wires/tubes ect... He's just so beautiful.
Each day when we go up to visit, we try to take a different child along to meet their littlest brother. Timothy, Elijah and Rebekah have all had a turn and can't believe how small and cute he is! Nobody can wait until he gets to come home! We are praying that Samuel will continue to do well and will be able to come home closer to the 4 week time frame rather than the 8 week one (as the doctors told us he will be there 4-8 weeks).
Today I would have completed 33 weeks in my pregnancy. I was telling Daniel this morning that while this was the shortest pregnancy I'd ever had, it seemed like the longest! From week 11 on, we wondered if we would ever be able to meet this new child; those days I carried him inside me were filled with prayer and thankfulness as they continued to pass and I continued to feel his little kicks. And now he's here...so sweet, so small, and such a special boy...Samuel- God has Heard.


  1. Praising God with you all for this dear little one. Will be praying for God to sustain and strenthen you during this busy time.

    In Christ,
    Janet D.

  2. What a wonderful update!! I also have a Samuel (seems like so many of your commenters do!), and it was because I loved the meaning of the name.

    I love that you are taking the children along one at a time to see their baby brother. How special!

    I'm sorry that you're so tired. Recovering from birth is difficult in the best of circumstances, and especially so when there is extra care involved. It's such a blessing to hear about the support you have from others near you.

    Thank you for the update - I hope that you'll get to rest! I would tell you that it's important for your recovery, but you already know that... ;)

    The Wilsons in VA

  3. Jaynee~ Home? Wow! Seems like you'd be in there for much longer. I'm so glad you're doing "better" and seeing little Samuel as he gets better too. We just marvel at this entire pregnancy and how God has been there the entire time so clearly for you all.

    Praise the Lord for His watchful care over all of you.

    We were praying for you all this morning. For strength and patience for Daniel with all his extra duties, for little Samuel to get better and thrive!, for the children to do their jobs, school and be helpful, for ~you~ to heal, gain your strength back and to be able to touch/hold Samuel. We think of you continually and check in to get our "Lockwood Update" :-)

    Hugs, prayers and Hello's from us all~


  4. My brother and I share the same age six weeks out of the year (I was 10 1/2 months when he was born). I was told this was called Irish twins (don't know why). You now have a pair of Irish twins, too! He is such a pretty baby and I'm so glad he's doing so well! Take care of yourself and try not to over-do!!!

  5. Glad to hear you and Samuel are doing so well. I took hope it is closer to 4 weeks than 8 b/c those daily hospital trips are physically and emotionally exhausting! It will be much better when everyone is home under the same roof :) Can't wait for more pics though if you post them I won't see them until Sunday as we are going out of town and will have no internet :(

  6. Jaynee,
    Praising God with you for another good report. I'll be praying for your continual pumping. Our 3rd child was born with a cleft palate and I pumped round the clock for 6 months. At the time it was exhausting, but I also knew I was doing the very best thing for our little boy. I'm praying you are renewed daily.

  7. Jaynee I've been praying several times a day for you and baby and your family!! Was so glad to see the "4 days ol" title this evening as I've been popping in all day to see if there is any news of you all:) So good to hear you are already able to go home...I thought it would take much longer...wonderful that baby Samuel seems to be doing good too!! Praise God!

  8. Oh, my, girl! I don't know how you can do anything with an H&H of 7.9 and 23, let alone care for eleven (very helpful!) children, pump every three hours, and visit Samuel at the hospital at least a couple of times a day! I get tired just reading about it! :) God is, indeed, continuing to bless you with supernatural strength and endurance for these busy days! It is so good to read that little Samuel is doing so well, especially in the breathing department. I'm guessing that Eliseo looks HUGE to you now! Is he getting ready to be a big brother? He certainly has several "men" in the family who can coach him on that! Thank you for taking the time to update as often as you do.

  9. Thanks for the update. I think about you all the time, wondering how you are doing. Praying God gives you lots of strength. Make sure you take the time to rest.

  10. I can't believe they sent you home so fast. Our prayers are with you. I am so glad that Samuel is doing so well. Keeping you in our prayers.

  11. Praying for your body to continue healing and your strength to increase. So wonderful to hear that little Samuel is doing so well.

    Praying for 4 weeks, too.

  12. I am so glad little Samuel is doing well! Praise the Lord!

    I know he thrives on his mother's milk, and enjoys skin contact with you. What a blessed little guy! :o)

    I pray for your continued healing. The Lord strengthen you for the job He's given you.

  13. What a wonderful update!! Brought back so many memories of our little twins, 11 years ago now! I used to get a ride up to the hospital and stay there all day. I would go next door to where my mom was working and sleep on the exam tables in her office during lunch. Then hubby and I would be together in the evening to see our boys. I will pray for Samuel and you all. Prayers for peace, quick recovery, healing and patience. Thanks for updating as often as you do with all that you do!!
    Love, Pamela (Florida)

  14. I know these days are exhausting and emotionally draining as well. We are continuing to pray for you and precious Samuel (same name as my third!) and that you each grow more healthy and strong each day!

  15. Happy Birthday to Elijah! You don't have to post this, just tell him I said Happy Birthday!

  16. I am so thankful that everyone is doing well. I pray your little guy will be home with you soon.

    I made 27 weeks yesterday (Monday) and while I don't enjoy bedrest, I am looking forward to an UNeventful 8 more weeks... :-)

    Thank you for sharing your experience...


  17. God bless little Sammie! He is so handsome! Rest up Jaynee!


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