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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Friday, March 13, 2009

We proudly introduce to you.....

Samuel Thomas Lockwood
March 12, 2009
10:04 pm
3 lbs. 12 oz
17 in.
"God Has Heard"

(Pictures of our sweet newest blessing for whom you all prayed for so long can be found at the bottom of this post.)

I can hardly see to type as tears fill my eyes. Tears of joy and a heart overcome with amazement of all the Lord has done.
For the past several weeks, I have heard our children pray for mommy and the baby as I know so many of you have so faithfully done. But I have also heard my little ones specifically pray that Jesus would make the placenta grow back the other way. They prayed this because they heard Daddy pray this very thing. Often, he would hold me, put his hand on my growing belly and ask God to let that placenta grow back out that uterine wall/muscle.
Yesterday evening around 8 pm, I had been reading in bed and got up to use the bathroom. Suddenly, I began to hemorrhage again. It was so bad that I couldn't get back to my bed to call the nurse for a minute or so; the bleeding was coming so quickly. When I finally made it back to bed, I was covered in blood and my nurse came into the room and immediately called for help.
My brother and his wife arrived a few minutes later and it was so good to have them here while everyone was deciding what to do. Finally the doctor came in to assess the situation and after seeing I'd lost well over 1000 ml of blood, he said, "It's time". Our baby had just about completed 32 weeks and 3 days inside me and it was time to meet him.
Everything happened so very quickly. I called Daniel right away and he had just finished feeding, bathing, and pj-ing the children and as he already had planned to come see me that evening, the baby sitter was on her way and his brother's wife was in town and came right over to the house so Daniel could get up here.
Dr. Van Kirk works with 5 other ob/gyns in that they take turns during the nights/weekends being on call for all of their patients. I had met 4 of those other doctors and I was so happy when I found out my favorite of the 4 was on call and would be doing the surgery.
Another blessing, my ob doctor with Elijah and Beka, and my now dear friend, Dr. Edwards, was on the floor that evening as she had a patient in labor. I had been praying it would work out for her to assist with the surgery and be with me as she had offered to and has been so encouraging to me this pregnancy. When she heard I was going to have the baby, she came right in and was with me the entire time.
Daniel got here in time, got on his scrubs, and they wheeled me down the hall. Once they got my spinal in and prepped for surgery, Daniel came in, we cried and prayed together, and then he sat by my head and held my hand. Oh, I was SOOO happy and felt SOOO relieved when he came into the room. I have had my last 3 c-sections in Mexico by myself as husbands are not allowed in the room, and while the Lord had given me tremendous peace throughout the entire evening, just having my husband at my side lightened every fear and I felt so safe.
They began the surgery and Daniel and I quoted Psalms 23 together. I was unsure when they finally pulled out our baby because he didn't cry for a while, but I finally heard he was here and the NICU team was working on him. I couldn't take my eyes off the table where he lay; I couldn't see him as everyone was gathered around working on him, so I just cried and prayed for the Lord to take care of him for me.
They finally had to wisk him away to the NICU but let me know that he was doing good all things considering. Daniel stayed by my side while we waited to hear how serious the placenta accreta or increta was. I knew that if they couldn't get it out right away, they would put me under general anesthesia.
I could feel the pulling and tugging and then I heard words I will never forget as long as I live..."The placenta is out. No problem, no accreta, no increta. It detached beautifully". Daniel questioned the doctor to make sure we had heard him right and he assured us it looked great.
He said my uterus was nice and thick and in wonderful shape. My brave and curious hubby was so elated that he even asked if he could watch part of the surgery which they let him! They stapled me all back up and took me to recovery. I had lost an additional 1,000 ml. of blood during the surgery and was continuing to bleed heavily, so they gave me a couple more units of blood, after which, I felt so much better.
Daniel was able to go back and forth between the waiting room (my parents, Uncle Tom, Pastor Ryan, his brother Joel, my sister Jessee, and my brother Joshua and his wife Hope were all there), the NICU and my recovery room.
They took me back to my room between 1:30 and 2:00 am. Daniel and I talked a while going over and over the events of the evening, praising the Lord who truly worked a miracle, and marveling in His goodness. Daniel fell asleep, but I continued to bleed and need bi-hourly assessing. I don't think I could have slept anyways as all I could to is thank the Lord and think about our little baby boy I hadn't even been able to see yet.
In the morning, Daniel woke up and we decided something very important...Justin Other's real name! :) You see, we had settled on a name a while ago and wanted to keep it a surprise. But a short time ago, Daniel told me that he just wasn't sure about it. We went back and forth about many names and couldn't decide. Daniel likes nice, strong simple names like John, Paul ect... and I like name that have at least 3 syllables. :) But I asked this week especially that the Lord would soften my heart to be happy with whatever name Daniel wanted and that the Lord would give us wisdom in choosing a name.
A few hours before my big bleed, my brother in law Samuel and my sister in law Leah were visiting me. We were talking about names and I was just simply curious and asked Samuel if he knew what his name meant...to which he answered "God has heard". I honestly didn't think anything other that what a nice meaning it had. We had never used a name of any of our siblings or the children's first cousins, so I didn't think much of it.
In the OR room, shortly after the doctor told us the wonderful news, I was just talking with Daniel while they worked on me and I told him about visiting with Samuel and Leah and what Samuel's name meant. This morning, when he woke up, he asked me again what Samuel meant. I looked it up online just to make sure and read, "God has heard". We both smiled at each other and we both knew that was the name. What a wonderful meaning for our little son and his mommy who were prayed over so much and we proudly and humbly announce to any who ask "God has heard!"
I am feeling so much better than I expected. My pain isn't horrible, and they are currently giving me another couple units of blood as I'm still unable to sit up without everything going black. They brought me some crackers, pudding, and juice and between some food, fluids and blood, I hope to be up and walking sometime this afternoon. I can't WAIT to walk because once I can get up, I can go see sweet Samuel. Daniel went in this morning and took about 25 pictures of him for me. I can hardly believe he's really here! Pray I'll be able to go to him today...I think he is just the most handsome little man just like his Daddy. I just LOVE having babies! Thank you Lord!
Some fun facts, if you've made it down this far :), about Samuel:
He was born on 3/12 and he weighed 3 lbs 12 oz. :) And he's our 12th :) And there are 12 letters in his first+middle name. His middle name Thomas is given to him in honor of Daniel's uncle, Uncle Tom, who has been like a father to him and been a tremendous blessing and encouragment to Daniel and the rest of our family.
Thank you so much for praying and please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for me so I can see and spend lots of time with sweet Samuel and especially pray for Samuel. He is doing as well as is expected, but with preemies, things can change quickly. But we know that Jesus is holding our son in His hands just as much now as He was in my womb. He is so wonderful!


  1. I couldn't help but cry when I read your post...how so very beautiful Samuel is and God did hear!!

    I pray your well enough to see your little one...
    God knows how faithful you have been ...
    We will continue to pray and hold you and your family up to the Lord..

    Many Blessings


  2. Congratulations - he is just beautiful, and I love his name. I'm so glad everything has gone well, and will be praying for a speedy recovery for you and Samuel :)

    One of your many sisters in Christ


  3. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you and your family. What a blessing to read the story of Samuel's birth and all the ways 'God heard'!!! We will continue to pray for you and for little Samuel. Thank you for the detailed update--I always look forward to reading them :) What a miracle baby!!!

  4. I'm crying with you and will continue to pray!! I too prayed for that placenta to be non life threatening and God has heard all our prayers!!
    Samuel is beautiful!!
    I will pray for a speedy recovery for both you and baby and for Daniel to be able to take care of everyone!!

  5. Awesome in all ways! Baby Samuel is BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!!

  6. I don't know you, but I recently commented on your blog. (I am the mom of ten children, and I emailed you one time, but didn't get a response.) Anyway, I have been praying for you, and am praising our great God for what He--alone---has done. May Jesus Christ be praised.

    Incidentally, all of my kids are almost grown, but our fifth child's name is Samuel Stephen. He had lots of difficult at birth, but he is now grown, and continuing to walk with God.


    I will leave you with a verse that I think is appropriate.


    PS Samuel is a doll.

    "For from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen."
    Romans 11:36 (ESV)

  7. He is so beautiful!! Love his name! Praying for your recovery and for Samuel to be in his mommy's arms soon!

  8. I have been following your story for a while and am encouraged by your faith. What wonderful news that your new little one is here and that he and mom are doing as well as he is. God has heard and answered your paryers. May you continue to see God in the faces of your children. Thank you for sharing your wonderful testamony with the world.

  9. BEAUTIFUL! Sweet Samuel, the Lord's provision, your husband's strong hand by the baby... all of it. Just beautiful!!!

  10. Our God is so good. God is using you and your story in marvellous ways. I got tears as I read how He worked everything out for you - even down to the name!

    May the LORD continue to heal you and bless your family as you seek to serve Him and give Him all the glory!

  11. AWESOME! Wonderful how God took care of all the details!

  12. What a MIGHTY GOD we have!!!! Samuel looks beautiful, he looks fantastic for being this early. It's good to hear you are doing well too. It was hard to try not to read fast thru the post to see Samuel as I wanted to see him as much as I wanted to read your post.. Thank you Jesus for your hand in all of this.

  13. Congratulations!!! We are overjoyed at what God has done. I read your post with tears. A true miracle and testimony to our mighty, loving Heavenly Father. :-)

    Jennifer (Who has a little Samuel of her own. I love the meaning of that name and how perfectly it fits your little one!)

  14. It is such a blessing to read this. Praising God for the safe arrival of Samuel and the amazing blessing of the placenta coming out and not damaging your uterus or any other organ. He is so good! Continuing to pray for a safe and speedy recovery for you and that Samuel will grow and develop quickly and stay healthy so you can bring him home soon. :)

  15. i am SOOO happy for all of you. tears are falling down my cheecks as i read this praise report and how Jesus has worked a miracle for all of you. Thank God for so much. What a beautiful name and meaning. Congrats to all

  16. Congratulations and praise to a wonderful God!!! Samuel is perfect and what a special name. I pray that BOTH of you can go home quickly.

    Thank you so much for this post. As you can imagine, I'm sure there are many people checking in on you today and are so thankful for little Samuel's safe arrival and your very good outcome. I do hope you get to visit your precious new son today!

    May God continue to bless your wonderful family,


  17. Jaynee,

    I think you're just about the only blog I read that can make me cry!

    Oh, how wonderful our Lord is! Samuel is so beautiful and perfect!

    My Lauren was born at just barely 34 weeks and had immature lungs. She was also 17 in. long and at her lowest weight was 3 lb. 12 oz. She remained in the NICU for only 10 days and is the tallest, for her age, of any of my children!
    God is so faithful!

    I'm sure you are aching to see that boy, and I'll be praying it happens soon.

    Maybe this is not the best time to ask this but I'm finding it too irresistable. Could this possibly mean there could be..... more Lockwood babies?

    Oh, praise the Lord for His goodness!

    Much love,

  18. God is good......ALL the time!!!
    Congratulations : )

  19. WOW....congratulations and God Bless you all!! I have been praying, reading and following your blog since Smockity put your link on her blog asking for prayers. I am in awe of our Heavenly Father and the wondrous works He has started and will complete in your family. I will continue to pray for you, Samuel, your health and recovery and your family. Thank you for sharing your lives with us...you are such an inspiration.

    Praise be to God for the answered prayers and for Samuel! Keep the pictures coming! He is adorable!

  20. I left a previous message before i heard the name. My son was born on March 12th he is 3 as of yesterday! His name?...Thomas! How neat! And yes sometimes I think he fits the description of doubting Thomas in the bible ;) CONGRATS!!! Oh how i miss those times and hope the Lord would give me a few more little ones. Still waiting for His time.

  21. Praise Jesus! What a beautiful baby!!!!

    "And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest." Revelation 15:3-4

    You and your family have been continually and are still in our prayers! Praise the LORD!

    Love in Jesus,
    (for the Masloske family)

  22. Oh you have NO idea how excited and joyful I am with and for you right now! He's SO very precious! I wish I could be there to kiss him on his cute little forehead! Congrats Jaynee! OF COURSE we will continue to pray and lift both you AND little Samuel up to our Lord, but more than anything we are rejoicing and praising God right now for His faithfulness!! :)

    love you!

  23. What an unexpected and overwhelming blessing for everything to work out in such a pleasant way. God is so good and does definitely hear.
    He looks beautiful and strong, and I will be praying for you still every day.
    Thank you for sharing this trying time with us all.
    God's Love,

  24. Congratulations!! Yeah!! Praise the Lord!! He is soo good!! Your new little one looks like Eliseo!! :) He is beautiful!! Glad you are doing well too!! God is soo good!
    The Monnin's in Washington

  25. He's beautiful! Look at all that hair! Thank you so much for posting! I'm praying that you will feel better soon and can see him for real. Give him a kiss from all of us out here in webland!

  26. He is a beautiful miracle. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    Samuel is a great name for him too.

  27. Congratulations,i was very excited to read your post he is hear - he is just beautiful, and I love his name. I'm so glad everything has gone well, and Samuel continues to do well.

  28. Oh Jaynee!!! he is so darling, and I'm almost in tears with joy for you all.

    You are SO loved. WOW, what a long haul you all have had. I'm just so pleased that he is here and well.

    Love you, my friend!!!

  29. Dear Jaynee and Family,
    Praise the Lord for His protection, grace, and sustaining hand throughout your pregnancy and in the birth of your precious son (and brother). Thank you for your testimony of steadfastness and joy in difficult circumstances. Special name for a very special little guy!
    I continue to lift you up in my prayers as you recover and little Samuel gains strength. - Missionary Mom in Panama

  30. Dear Jaynee,

    Thanks for the post and pictures!!! I prayed you will be strong to see him today. We will continue to pray for both of you.

    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  31. He looks wonderful!!! Prayers for both of your recoveries!

  32. "God has heard"!!!

    Praise God for all he has done!
    Praise the Lord for all you have taught through your experience!
    Priase the Lord for His love for us!
    Praise the Lord for sweet sweet babies!!!
    Praise the Lord for allowing us to be mommies!


  33. I, too, am in tears reading of God's graciousness in your situation. I have said it before, Jaynee, but you truly have a beautiful heart and you are such an encouragement to me. Could your baby be any more perfect? He is truly beautiful. I absolutely love his name and the special meaning of it. Praise God He has heard!
    Love, Amy

  34. Congratulations! It was so special to read your birth story. Praising the Lord with your precious family!

    In Him,

  35. Welcome to the world Samuel! You are perfectly and wonderfully made!
    Congratulations to all of you!
    Praying for fast healing, and look forward to hearing about your reunion.

  36. So sweet! Good friends of ours gave birth to their Samuel just a few hours ago - what a special day! Praying for your recovery and that #12 gets stronger too! Thanks for sharing!

  37. What wonderful news, and what a beautiful new son you have! I've been checking in often for news - I'm so pleased that he is doing so well, and also that everything went so much better than expected with his delivery. Hoping you get back to full strength very soon, so you can catch up on all those cuddles! With love from us in Cardiff, UK. x

  38. I am so happy to hear the wonderful news. Praise the Lord!

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.


  39. Oh Jaynee this is so wonderful! Praise God. We will continue to pray.

    I love all the 3/12 references in young Samuel's life...on that topic, one of my favorite books 1 Peter says in the first part of 3:12 "For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer"
    Thank You Lord for being attentive to so many prayers!

  40. Congratulations! He is so precious and I am glad he is here safe and sound. The NICU can be no fun, be he looks so very strong, that hopefully the stay will be short for your new little man.

    What a blessing he is! I am so happy for you and Praise god for this wonderful outcome. I cried when I heard he was born, and cried even more during this post. He is a true miracle. An answer to everyone's prayers.

    I love his name. Samuel has always been my favorite boy name but we didnt use it with our son we stuck to family tradition. Its a good strong name for a very strong little boy!


  41. Praise God! Samuel is beautiful! That is a very good weight!
    Janice Gordon

  42. Praise God! What a beautiful name for him too! Praying for a quick recovery for both you and Samuel. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  43. God is so good!! Praise Him. I am so very glad you are doing so well!! I am praying that you will get to hold him close very soon. I love his name (my fifth child is named Samuel :0) We are praying for him as he gets used to his new world!!

  44. I'm so happy for you all! I've been walking around with a smile all day long! Praise God for He is so good. And Jaynee, thank you and Daniel for standing for LIFE!
    Katie in Maryland

  45. Wow Jaynee,

    Praise the Lord that your placenta was able to come out without complication! Samuel's size is great! My daughter was 33 1/2 weeks, but only 3 lbs 9 oz. I will be praying for you! I know that it is such a difficult thing to have your baby in the NICU. Praise God you are able to be in the US in a hospital, where you will be allowed to be with him! Is he going to be able to try to nurse yet? If they feel like he is not ready yet, don't despair! I pumped for my Gracie for 2 weeks before she was able to attempt to nurse. She latched on within minutes, and within a week, she was nursing completely! I'll be praying that his lungs do beautifully, and that God will give you His peace during the challenges that you will face. Samuel is beautiful!

    Misty Marr

  46. I have tears running down my cheeks!! Praise the Lord. I LOVE his name - God has heard - and always hears. I will continue to pray for you - and baby Samuel.



  47. Praise be to God!
    What a handsome boy you have.
    praying for a quick recovery & Samuel's health!

  48. What wonderful news! Congratulations! Your baby boy is just beautiful. What a blessing that he was able to grow inside you for so long and become so big and healthy.

  49. Jaynee,

    Yes- God has heard! We praise God along with you and your entire family! We pray that you will recover quickly and thank God for His wonderful miracle! We pray for baby Samuel that he would thrive and grow without incident!


  50. I am sooo happy for you. I am also happy because my guess was that his name would be Samuel, due to the meaning. Congratulations!!!

  51. oh Jaynee-what a lovely story! I'm so glad you & the baby are both OK. I will continue to pray as you recover and Samuel grows. He is beautiful!

    He looks so much like my son that was born at 27 weeks. By the way, my son is 6 years old now and thriving!

    Kim from Georgia

  52. Whohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Oh Jaynee, I was so happy to read this post and see the pictures of beautiful Samuel- the Lord is so good! I'm praying that you will recover quickly so you can visit him. I'm praying for Samuel as well, and I know that he is being held in the hands of Jesus as he grows and gets stronger every single minute! Congratulations and THANK YOU LORD!


  54. Praise God! He is so gorgeous! I pray for a speedy recovery and for God's hand to be over each one of the Lockwood family as you all bond to one another.

  55. Congratulations to you and your family! I love his name! He already looks so much like his big brothers.

    Does this mean you will be able to have more children? I sure hope so!

  56. He is just perfect! I will continue to think of you and be thankful for his safe delievery and hope to hear of your good recovery in the coming days!

    Susan In Texas

  57. Praise God for your awesome news! I will continue praying for Samuel and for your recovery.

  58. Thank you Jesus!!!

    What a handsome little guy! So glad to hear of God's wonders!

    Take care!

  59. Praise God! I will continue to pray for Samuel's continued growth and development.

  60. Congratulations, Lockwood family! God is so good and His ways are perfect. (3/12,3.12, #12 :o)
    We will continue to pray for your recovery and for Samuel as he grows and gains strength.

  61. Yeah!!! How wonderful to have such an event-free delivery.

    All the 12s, hm, how interesting...

    And can't help but say: I think that Samuel is a strong name AND has three syllables (in Spanish)! =)

    Many blessings, from Bolivia!

  62. Congratulations! He's adorable and looks quite healthy-- love his name. :) When I logged onto my Google Reader this evening and saw 4 posts from your blog, I knew something exciting must have happened! Prayers headed your way :)

  63. Congratulations! I knew everything would turn out exactly the way it did. Praise the Lord ....your son is a true treasure..he is beautiful. Speedy recovery to you.

  64. Jaynee,

    Praise the Lord! I was so excited to read that Samuel was born and without any placenta complications. I had a 32 weeker born by C-section in the middle of the night and I can relate to being wide awake in the recovery room all night while my husband slept. I just couldn't wait to see my little guy. I pray that you have now been able to see him. I will also pray for him and his time in the NICU. What a wonderful God we serve -- he has heard our prayers.

  65. Such a sweet baby - and beautiful coloring! And I love the name. Congratulations!

  66. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Little Samuel looks perfect. Momma take it easy and take things slow your've been through a major thing so no pushing yourself to do something that may set you back, Trust me i know. I also had a preemie. Take plenty of pictures.

    God Bless and praise be to God for His mercy and Glory during this pregnanacy.

  67. I'm so happy for you and rejoice in the Lord's answered prayers!! He is faithful -- He has brought you thus far and will continue to be with you (and baby Samuel) in the days ahead.
    By the way, our daughter lost a baby boy at birth in Aug. '07, then the Lord gave them a dear baby boy in Sept. '08 -- they named him Samuel Luke. We, too, knew "God had heard"...our many prayers in their behalf. Our baby Samuel has indeed been a blessing, and we know yours will be also.
    I will keep praying for all of you!

  68. Oh...Jaynee,
    Praise and hallelujah to our Great God!! What an amazing story the Lord wrote for your family!! I love his name and all the fun facts. Will be praying still for you and Samuel!!

  69. How wonderful! Praise the Lord for his answer to prayer. God bless you and your family :o)


  70. How wonderful! Praise the Lord for his answer to prayer. God bless you and your family :o)


  71. Beautiful baby! Congratulations and Praise God...!
    I had a baby girl on this day 11 short years ago, also a premie, now beautiful and strong!
    Blessings to you,

    Jamie R.

  72. oh jaynee! i got the chills reading the post...God is so good & has given you such a blessing! He is precious! My husband & I love to choose our names based on their meanings, and I had difficulties with my last pregnancy & our baby Elijah is a bit of a miracle baby too...for over a month they thought he was not living, around 4 months along...looong story short he was born healthy & beautiful and 1 day before my due date!! We named him "Elijah Zion" which means..."Jehovah God is our strong fortress"......names are so amazing & important! God bless you all!!!!

  73. What a special name for a special little boy. You both will continue to be in my prayers are little Samuel continues to grow and you heal. God is good!

  74. I had to cry too as I read this post. The Lord is so faithful and good! Samuel is just precious and I am thankful for your testimony.


  75. wow. praise the Lord! amazing and beautiful little boy. praying for a smooth and quick recovery!

  76. How precious!! My first born came early, at 33 weeks and 3 days, weighing 3 pounds and 14 ounces. I developed HELLPS and he was delivered by c-section. Seeing your little Samuel brings back so many memories. I will pray for your healing, that it will be quick and complete. And for Samuel, that his little body will grow and develop as it needs to. God has blessed your family in so many ways, and what a praise that your placenta was as it should be!
    Preemies are very precious indeed. God bless you and your family!!

  77. Praying for you. Wonderful testimony. So blessed to hear this story. God is great. Praying for you and Samuel. I had a preemie also at 33 wks. He is 7 yrs old now... and such a delight. HUGS


  78. I, too, had tears in my eyes as I read this post. God is so good and He is faithful. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you and baby Samuel. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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