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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you see what Eliseo sees?

While much of our time and thoughts have been centered around little Samuel, we have been able to take advantage of our time here in the states to take care of some other needs.

Our little Eliseo with the big blue eyes is also our little Eliseo with the sweet crossed eyes. :) After seeing our regular pediatrician and getting a referral to a pediatric eye doctor here in town, we had our appointment last week.
Eliseo is very far sighted among other things and the doctor wants to start him with glasses to see if it helps. We return in 6 weeks and if there is no improvement, they may need to do surgery.
Eliseo's glasses came in today and he looks soooo cute! I was surprised he left them on as much as he did. As long as he was busy (looking at a book, playing with toys, with his siblings ect...) he didn't seem to notice them.
Daniel and I are heading out in a few minutes to visit Samuel :). I just love all my babies!

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  1. Aw what a sweetheart!

  2. oh he looks so cute in his new glasses. What a good boy keeping them on. I wonder if he knows they make a difference in his sight??

    So so cute

  3. The glasses on Eliseo are just precious. Good luck with him in the future. Maybe the glasses will take care of things. So glad to hear Samuel is gaining a little. Take care.

  4. What a sweetie.

  5. AW, How adorable. That will Gwyneth soon enough!


  6. my oldest had the same thing. Got glasses at 12 months. When we first put her glasses on she screamed with joy!!! She could see finally. She never took them off. Hope it goes well for him. Her crossing has slowly improved and they don't want to do surgery. Avoid it if you can, it is not always successful. She is also extremely farsighted, but thankfully our doctor is patient and wants her eyes to slowly improve on their own.

  7. What a cutie pie! I hope the glasses are a help to the little guy.

  8. Jaynee, I'm cross eyed too, got classes at about 3 months, surgery at 1 year and again at 13 years. Doing great.

  9. He is such a cutie! And I pray that he will be able to see clearly and keep the glasses on.

    I do have a question, whenever you do another question and answer session (no hurry, I know you're busy!) But I see that Elisio and Samuel are less than one year apart, and I was wondering if you have any others that are also less than a year apart. I ask because my first two are ten and a half months apart (surprise pregnancy, early birth, although not as early as Samuel). People thought I would go crazy having two so close, but it was the absolute best spacing of children I have (also a gap of 5 years and another of 2 years). It was like having all the benefits of having twins (close enough in age to do all the same activities) without any of the drawbacks (having two babies to feed throughout the night!) Anyway, I was just curious if you have any others that are "the same age" for a month or so!

  10. Oh now that's adorable. Reminds me of a couple of our girls. so little when they got them. We still have some of those itty bitty glasses. Grace use to chew the nose pads off continually :-0

    Glad he's seeing better~


  11. I think one of the cutest things is a small child in glasses.
    We've been praying for you, your Samuel and the rest of your family. God Bless.


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