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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Three times each day

Dear Samuel,
Three times each day, we see your precious face. While we pray for you constantly throughout the day, three times a day we pray with you. In the morning, it's Daddy's turn to go. He brings you your milk and usually gets to see the doctor and ask how you are doing. The past couple of days, you had a rough time and they had to stop feeding you. One night, you stopped breathing several times, but last night, they told us you were doing much better. They gave you some medicine to calm your tummy and then they give you caffine to help keep you breathing. Isn't it funny how carefully I tried to avoid caffine when you were inside me? :) I'm so thankful that God has given the doctors wisdom and they are able to help little babies like you. Daddy is up visiting you right now. He took Isaiah with him today. Isaiah is so excited to finally meet you...he combed his hair, tucked in his shirt, and wore his church shoes. I'll be coming to see you this afternoon...in the afternoons it is mommy's turn. I'm going to bring Josiah up today. I haven't told him yet, so he'll be so surprised. While I'm still too tired to do school full time, I have your brothers/sisters do something each day. Do you know what they are doing right now? They are all writing you letters/coloring you pictures. I'll bring them with me this afternoon and hang them by your bed. You are so very loved sweet Samuel. Tonight, mommy and daddy will come visit you together. Isn't it so thoughtful to have had so many people offer to watch the children here at home so we can see you each night? Last night, I got to hold you for over an hour. They gave me a rocking chair and I rocked and sang to you and you just slept in my arms. All too soon, it was time to go. I took your temperature and changed your diaper. Daddy and I both think you have the littlest, cutest bottom ever. I think we are tied now for the number of diapers we have changed for you. It's so fun to take care of you. I've never seen Daddy want to change a diaper as much on the other children as he does on you. :) Do you like the song I made up for you? Your brothers and sisters said it is the best song yet. I think I must get better with practice. :)
I can't wait to see you today...just 2 more hours to wait! Even though we can only be with you three times a day, Jesus is with you every moment. Oh, I'm so glad He gave you to us and that we can rest in knowing He cares for you so well. I love you.


  1. What a handsome little guy. I love the one with your older son touching the baby. Precious.

  2. Thank you for posting pictures. We love seeing little Samuel and the activities of the whole family.
    Praying for you all!
    Melanie, Nathan & Abigail

  3. I love the pictures, Jaynee! What's the little man's song? I'm sure it's EXTRA special. (:

  4. What a great letter...and beautiful pics! Praying for increasing strength each day for both of you!

  5. Jaynee, What a sweet letter to your dear Samuel. I love the pictures! Especially the one where Isaiah is touching his wee little brother. I got tears in my eyes. Seeing that one!!

    Take care, dear!

  6. Oh, Jaynee,
    I know you are longing for the day, to all be together at home, may the Lord have mercy and grant it soon. the pictures are so sweet!! What tender times you are having with Samuel. Still praying!!

  7. I think he already looks bigger! PTL! What a precious little guy!

  8. Dear Jaynee and family,

    Thanks as always for the wonderful update. We will continue to lift you both up in our prayers.

    He is so precious. I showed Jesse his picture and reminded him to continue to pray.

    God Bless,
    Kim in Nc

  9. Samuel is so adorable! :) It brought tears to my eyes Jaynee reading your letter!! :) The Lord knew you were tough enough to handle this! My first born, who is now in college to become a missionary, was in the NICU for 15 days after he was born! It is amazing at how you become efficient in knowing all the machines and whether the baby had a good night or bad night. We pray Samuel will not stop breathing any more!! The Lord is soo good!!
    Your prayer warriors in WA
    The Monnin's

  10. Jaynee,

    Samuel is so precious. God has truly blessed you. I too did the NICU for almost 6 weeks. My son was 8 weeks preemie and had the usual preemie problems. Digestive,keeping breast milk down.He was known as 10cc baby, that's all he would take from the bottle in a 30 minute time for the first 4 weeks of life. He would get so tired of trying to learn to suck. I think of it now and it seems like yesterday all this went on, It was actually 18 years ago.

    Keep the letters going to him and all your children. One day they will love to read what you wrote "Way back then". LOLOLO

    God Bless and rest when you can.

    Sonja - Fl

  11. Dear Jaynee,

    You're love for our Lord continues to shine through, you and your family are truly blessed!

    Samuel looks AWESOME! His color is so good! I love the hair! Mine are never born with any that you can really see. He looks absolutely perfect!

    God bless!

  12. Congratulations on precious Samuel! I just found your blog and have been so blessed and inspired as I read through some it. Our youngest turned one on March 12, 2009 so she and Samuel share a birthday now. (We are expecting our fifth child in August, so I guess she is the second to youngest:-)) We are praying for you all! May God grant you special strength and grace to make it through this time. ~The Brown Family

  13. Thank you for sharing with us. Jaynee, I hope your own recovery is going well, emotionally and physically. Those post-partum hormones can really get you! But you have support and you have faith and you are all going to be OK . . . and Samuel is going to come home from the hospital in a few weeks (or sooner?!) and you are all going to be together. And when you do feel like crying, well, it's OK to cry -- so let yourself cry. It doesn't mean you aren't strong enought or aren't faithful enough. It just means your hormones are kicking your butt . . . but you can kick back!

    You rock, Jaynee!

  14. I remember those NICU days, its hard to be pulled between two places, but your family is doing it with such grace! Its wonderful that you have set times to visit with him. I will be praying for him, that his breathing will stabalize permanently and that there will be no other complications!

    He is such a cutie Pie!!

  15. You're making so many precious memories ... thanks for sharing them with us. Samuel will enjoy reading these thoughts from Mommy, Daddy & family someday.

    Bless you for living in His grace and giving God all the glory!
    Praying & Praising with you,

  16. continuing to pray for Samuel and for you.... love reading about him.

    HUGS to all of you...



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