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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Pictures from my "new home"

Do you know what day it is today? MONDAY! And while Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week, they have a very special meaning to me now....every Monday, Baby and I start a new week together! Praise the Lord for 32 weeks today!
I will be posting the question/answer post soon! I was planning on doing that yesterday, but was busy preparing lesson plans for the children for the week and writing them love notes :). I try to think of something each night that I can dedicate myself to doing the following day; it seems to make the days go by more quickly when I have goals to accomplish.
I thought I'd share some pictures we've taken the past few days from my room. :)

This was taken my second night here. Daniel came up to visit and brought me some notes from the children and one beautiful rose from each child.

And here are some of my favorite visitors (Timothy, Josiah, and Nehemiah)...they are quite entertaining!

My baby girls (Abigail and Susannah)~ Susannah always wants to lay right next to me in bed each time they come up...I just love snuggle bugs :)

Rebekah and Benjamin...two of Daddy's biggest helpers. Beka has been such a blessing as she cares for little Eliseo. Daniel said she anticipates and sees his needs long before anyone else does and joyfully cares for her baby brother. Benjamin is outside today vacuuming and cleaning the entire van for the family.

Windows make great dry erase boards :) And makes my view all the sweeter :)

I'm starting an art gallery here with all the precious pictures, letters and cards I've received. I'm thankful for such a cheery, nice room...quite the contrast from the rooms in Mexico where I've delivered.

Next to my bed, Daniel has me all set up with the computer, a bag of treats and other goodies, the phone, and he even brought me a radio/tape/cd player. One of the churches in this area who supports us has a wonderful Christian radio station. I enjoyed listening to hymns and melodies and even some sermons yesterday as I couldn't attend church.

And finally, I have a bedside table with my Bible and notebook and some other books and things. And hospital food is really not that bad. :)


  1. I happen to like hospital food too :)
    Yea! for another Monday. I can only imagine how nice those visits are from your children. Praying for several more Mondays for you and belly bean.

  2. Do you have a mailing address for here in the states? My e-mail is: chasterrizzi (at) juno (dot) com

  3. I've been thinking about you and have checked throughout the day for an update. I know there is a time difference but I just couldn't wait to hear from you.

    Glad to hear you are making yourself at home. I know as a prior nurse, when I had patients long term it was nice for them to make it homey.

    32 weeks in AWESOME!!! I can't believe how motivate you are and are getting so much done. I am home and I find it hard to get get to lesson plans.

    As always, you are in my prayers.

  4. Great photos. I love how you wrote on the windows, very cool idea. Praying for you and baby.

  5. Looks so orderly....just like you in your home!! You look so amazingly well, Jaynee, so peaceful, and I know where your PEACE comes from and am so thankful for His matchless grace being soo evident in your circumstances!! I like the blue "nightie," for your new little baby boy!!!! Yes, I know our flesh would choose different roads to travel but I know the one your own is going to be trodden by many that you will get to share with as being in this very unique situation and the Lord will use you to encourage them as they face maybe a difficult pregnancy in their own life.
    So good to hear from you!!

  6. You do have a nice room. :o) Thanks for the tour!


  7. The view from your room (the parking structure) is exactly what my view was from my hospital room when I was in for 5 weeks with my previa baby last fall! Can't they give us long term stay gals a nicer view? LOL!

    That is a great idea about using the window as a white board!

    You are very blessed to be able to see your children so often. The hospital I was at was so far from our home (plus hubby still had to work) that the children only came out about once, maybe twice a week. We started using computer camera's to make up for that, so I could call them and have them get on the computer camera so we could see each other while we talked. The hospital connection was so slow we couldn't do the voice part through the computer. Being able to see them at home was great!

    Praying for you and baby, have been for months, I just don't post comments very often. Just know I am thinking of you and praying for you!

    mom of thirteen

  8. Thanks so much for posting pictures of your "room". We continue to pray for you all. May God continue to keep you all in His care.
    Cindy in Canada

  9. So thankful that you've reached 32 weeks. That is a huge milestone for the baby!
    Your children are so precious. I am happy that your nurses are good. That can make all the difference. I think you will make an impact on many lives while you are in the hospital!
    Janice Gordon
    Wilton, NH

  10. Jaynee you look GREAT! I'm glad you're making your second home "homie" :-) How's your bleeding while you've been the hospital?

  11. Hi Jaynee! I have been reading your blog since the birth of your last baby ;) but never have commented before.

    We have your name written on our dry erase board to pray each morning during our circle time. I know these days must be so trying and sometimes long and tedious. You seem to be seeking the minute to minute joys that the Lord is providing!

    We are praying for continued health and growth for your precious son and also health and rest for you until the ordained day of his birth.

    My own children cry when they have to leave the hospital after visiting and that is just when I am gone one night! I know yours miss their mommy so much. Praise God He has provided so many loving arms to help with care during this season.



  12. I'm so glad for 32 weeks of the baby safe inside his mommy!! And praying for as many more as possible!!!


  13. Thanks for posting pictures and congrats on making it to 32 weeks! In case you're looking for an online church next Sunday - ours does a live stream of our two services (9am and 11:15am EST) at www.glasgowchurch.com.

  14. You POOR thing if you are thinking hospital food is not that bad!!!! LOL.
    I think you meant to say I am thankful for anything!!
    Praying from Texas

  15. Jaynee,
    Is there a mailing address for the hospital or the home you are staying in? Maybe we could do a virtual baby shower for you? What does everyone think? Prayers coming from Texas. Lori

  16. Funny, I was just going to comment on the gorgeous view from you window, when I read the comment about having to see the parking ramp from your window! :) All a matter of perspective, I guess! It's still very much drab Winter in Michigan...although most of our snow is gone for the time being (we will get more!), it was so good to see blue sky, sunshine, and green trees out your window!
    Your children have the most beautiful smiles....every one of them! And I love Nehemiah's fluffy little hair!
    Congrats on hitting the 32 week mark! Now we'll pray for 33! :)

  17. Hi Lockwoods,
    It was fun seeing the pictures. Looks so much like the rooms Melanie spent so much time in.

    We're praying for you guys!


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