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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Update- 31 weeks 2 days! :)

Daniel was able to be in my room this morning when Dr. Van Kirk came by to see me. Seeing as how complicated the pregnancy is and how much bleeding I've had, the doctor wants me to stay here until I deliver. He said he would be surprised
if I did not deliver in the next 1-3 weeks. He thinks something most likely will happen and I'll need to be rushed into surgery.
The advantage of me staying here is that if/when something does happen, I'm right here and they can immediately start care. The chance of a severe life threatening hemorrhage is so high that with my history, he doesn't think it would be wise to let me go back home. He's hoping that being here on bed rest will give the baby as much time as possible inside me. Everyday, I wake up and thank the Lord for keeping our little boy safe yet another day/night.
While it is so hard to be away from the children and feel so helpless here at times, I know this is best for baby and I. Daniel and I had been praying for wisdom and the Lord's direction so much the last couple of days, and we know He's answered. And while each day seems so long, I also know that Lord willing, I will soon look back at this time and it won't seem so bad :)
I was writing a sweet friend of mine tonight and telling her how much I miss the children and when I call home and hear them fussing or crying or having whatever little problem, I long to fix whatever is wrong. I was feeling a bit frustrated being here and unable to do what I do/have done for the past 13+ years...be a help meet to Daniel and care for my children and home. As I was thinking about this, the Lord pressed something upon my heart. He has me right here in the hospital now...and while I can't "do, do, do" as normal, I can do what I sadly often neglect and that is "pray, pray, pray". And that is what I want to spend time doing here...when my heart longs to be at home, I want to bring each one of my loved ones before the Lord.

Daniel surprised me and brought up all the children to see me tonight. :) Yea! It was so much wonderful to see them all and so sad when they had to leave. But they promised to come back sometime ;) We want to keep the children together and at home as much as possible during this waiting time. We want to keep things as stable and normal as possible for them. So we're working on modifying their schedule a bit so they can continue on each day with their school, chores, and free time as always. I'm going to put together their daily lessons/check sheets for them to follow and with some help from Daddy, they should do just great!

I was just going through my notebook and I still have several questions you've all asked that I haven't answered. So I'll work on an "answers" post today and tomorrow...since I have a bit more time on my hands than normal :)

I'm also enjoying working on some Scripture memory during the day. The past few years, my time of memorizing God's Word has been not what I desire. I learn many verses as I teach passages to the children, but I have wanted to have a faithful time of memorization each day myself and just haven't don't it consistently. So I'm working on Psalms 119 right now...and while little "Justin Other" isn't getting to hear all the voices of his brothers/sisters right now, he gets to hear mommy recite God's Word over and over :)
" It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes"
Ps. 119:71


  1. wow how wonderful that you little one is still in mummys tummy!

    I know you must miss your little ones.

    we will keep praying for you

  2. I continue to pray that God will give you the strength that you need to get through this time in your life. I'm praying that you will have peace about not being at home with your little ones, I will also be praying that peace will prevail at home. That Daniel will have God's amazing help during this time of being both daddy and "mommy", not an easy task for any Father.

    If you have any extra time for prayer for others, I would ask that you pray for our family we have had some major sicknesses lately in our home. Our little Luke has not been doing to well lately, he has an EEG tomorrow, along with lots of Dr. appointments right now. I also have other Prayer links listed on his blog that desperately need some prayer right now if you feel lead to do so.

    Love in Christ,
    Suzi Searles
    Wife to Gordy for 25 1/2 years, mom to Daniel 23, Amy 21, Natalie 20, Isaiah 9, Ezekiel 8, Luke almost 6 and Lily 4.

  3. Praying as always over here in the uk - I pray for peace to wash over you as you are on bedrest and may God protect your lovely family at home xx

  4. Keeping you in my prayers.

  5. What a fitting verse. Praying for you all and knowing God's strength will be with you all!

  6. Jaynee~
    So good to hear baby is still in there. Funny note, I use to bleed a lot with my hosptial births but not my home births. I started taking Sheppherds Purse at home deliviers right after delivery so it would hinder over bleeding. I'm sure the dr's won't be too keen on that but it was always funny to me how I bled so much at the hospital and not at home~

    Glad you're keeping busy and your minds productive. We have been praying for you and baby and are eager to hear it all went so well and we can all praise God for His tender mercies over your sweet family. We're praying for Daniel and the kids too~


  7. You are such an incredible inspiration! Thank you for sharing. We will continue to keep you and your precious baby in prayer.

  8. Will pray baby stays longer than the expected 1-3 weeks! And praying for you as you are separated from all your other children. How wonderful that they got to visit!

  9. What a beautiful out look God has given you. I have decided after thinking about doing memory verses (I really want to just never give it the time) I am going to start where you are psalms 119 Thank you.
    We are always praying for you and the family.
    God Bless

  10. Jaynee, my prayer community laughs that if you pray for patience, the Lord will give you the opportunity to practice it. So, instead, I am praying that you are able to not just bear but to enjoy this special time of waiting with this baby, trusting Jesus as you always do, but also having moments of peace to feel his tender love for you flowing back in your direction. Perhaps even now you feel some of that coming through the prayers and typing fingers of your blog commenter!

    Praying in Denver

  11. I am praying for you


  12. Jaynee,

    We pray for you everyday and read your updates. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    My boys wanted me to write you a note from them:

    Bryce (8) "I hope you feel better and I hope God will protect you. I hope you can get through this."

    Adam (11) "I hope you get better and I hope the baby stays safe and I hope everything goes alright."

    Cole (6) "I pray that you will feel better and baby will be healthy and God will help you to feel better."

    We will continue to pray!!!

    Love and Blessings

  13. So glad to see the update with baby still IN! :-) Still praying for you!

  14. You are an inspiration to all of us. I'm so glad you'll be staying there, and submitting to the Dr.'s orders as I can't imagine how going home would be a good thing at this point, as painful as it is to be stuck there. :-( I am praying for you today.

  15. hey jaynee! i haven't been online much but wanted to stop by to let you know that i've been praying and we'll be continuing with our prayers of course! much love to you and your family. God bless!

  16. Jaynee...how wonderful that the little guy is still hanging in there! And 31 weeks is GREAT! I have a niece and two nephews all born at 24 weeks gestation. They were all "micro-preemies", ie, less than 2 pounds each. And they are all doing well. Justin Other is possibly already 3 pounds...that's not a bad size...and you've gotten the steroids for his lungs! I am thrilled for you and yours...hang in there, sweet sister! At least we'll probably get more updates! (grin!)


  17. When we prayed for you during our family devotions tonight, we agreed that your wonderful attitude is so convicting...in a good way. Thank you for setting a good example, and showing how Christ can shine through us in our circumstances.

    The Wilsons in VA

  18. Jaynee, I am so glad your doctor advised you to stay where you are, and that you and Daniel have made the very wise decision to heed what he has told you! But I am going to start praying earnestly that you will not have a sudden dramatic episode that requires everyone to speed in to deliver Baby and protect you! Instead, I am beginning to pray that God will grant everyone the peace that comes from a situation that clearly indicates that the right time has come for Baby to be delivered, but that it will be able to be done quietly and in order, with everyone being able to take the time necessary to pay attention to little details, so that it will be able to be the best case scenario under somewhat urgent circumstances! And, really, that is what He has already been doing all along! Things work out so much better when we just get in line with the direction God is already going...right? :)
    Thank you so much for the frequent updates! :) I'll also be praying that you have just enough time to memorize that whole long Ps 119 before this little one is born! :)

  19. God is good isn't He? He knows exactly what we need and when.

    This is a wonderful time for scripture memorization and quiet time with your Heavenly Fathers. Might I suggest one other thing?

    Write your children each a little note or letter if you will. You might include how you were in prayer today with God and He gave you a scripture that reminded you of them. Or you may just tell them a little something about what happened when you were pregnant with them that might make them realize these things happen but not to worry, mom is in the best place she can be.

    Keeping a journal for each child would be hard but I started journals for my children when they were about 10 years old. I wanted to share with them my thoughts and prayers and joys and tears with them during their precious growing years. I don't write in it everyday but one day maybe I will give it to them when they are leaving home, Who knows. It just gives me s comfort in remembering some of the little things in their lives and mine.

    I was hospitalized 6 times with each of my 2 children and the last time with my second child I was kept in for the "duration". 3 weeks I was away from my precious little girl who was 22 months old. I thought I would have a broken heart by the time I was released from the hospital after a 5 1/2 week stay and then my son was unable to come home with me because of him being a preemie. It was hard but God gave me ways to endure and keep a healthy heart. That was 18 years ago and I'm still ticking. :)

    I tell you this as encouragement. Although you are away from your other children, you can keep in touch with them. Make each of them feel special. You are very good at that from what I have seen.

    May little one in you grow strong and stay healthily inside you. In God's special time your son will be brought into the world as God wishes for it to be.

    God Bless

    Sonja - fl

  20. Hey, just me, again :) Just wanted you to know that I woke from a deep sleep, and the first thing that came to mind was to pray for you and Baby! It's after 2:00 AM here, but still before MN in CA...hope you are resting well tonight! God has people awake and praying for you around the clock and around the world! :)

  21. You and yours are in our prayers. I am so glad that you can find stillness amid all this and trust the Lord with your little ones. I pray that this time will be a time spent being still (inside as well as outside) and knowing that HE is God.

  22. Hope you are ok Jaynee. I guess when we dont here from you we need to uplift our worry to the Lord in prayer!

    We are all praying for you and your Husband and Children.

    From Australia

  23. I pray all is well with you and your unborn ...
    I have been checking every day and praying for your beautiful family...

    May God Bless you and protect you always!!

    Nadine and family


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