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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curriculum Question

Katie asked: When you have time, can you post some more titles that have helped you with home management and organization?

Tulip asked- What curriculum are you using?

Answers: Apart from MOTH, I have not really read any other books that I can recall that specifically addressed home management/organization.
My mom is a very organized lady, and I'm sure I got my love of making lists and schedules from her :) As I began having more children and I would wonder about how to do this or that, I would simply ask...and I still do. I look for godly ladies who love the Lord, love their husbands and children...most of whom have already walked the path that I am walking and I "sit at their feet" so to speak and the Lord has used them to bless, encourage and teach me.

Our current Curriculum-
*Bible- Family Bible Time morning and evening, daily quiet time (individually), and daily Scripture memorization
*Math- Abeka
*Language- Abeka
*Writing- I teach them their letters myself and have them copy simple sentences and verses; then, once they can write, they write daily journal entries, write daily letters, copy Scripture verses they are working on, and sometimes write poems or stories.
*Phonics- Abeka (K-3rd grade)
*Reading- We have a variety of readers of all levels...Christian Light Publication, Rod and Staff, Pathway are our favorites. As the children get older, they simply pick things from our family library which covers a variety of subjects...science, history, biographies, ect...
*History/Science- I teach 2 groups right now...the older children in one and the younger ones in another. We use an Abeka Textbook as our base and then supplement it with lots of reading, timelines, experiments ect...
*Spelling- We have a variety of lists. I use Abeka's lists as the children are learning to read (as the lists follows the phonics we are studying). We have the book "Spelling Power" and I largely make up my own lists based on words I see them misspell in their own writings. :)
*Extra- We use "Type it" for typing (ages 10 up). This is a simple book that they put beside the computer and work from....no "video game" type programs...I just open notepad on our pc and they practice 20 minutes a day. Works great! :)
Daddy gives Spanish lessons from time to time; Music- I teach piano and Daniel teaches guitar right now to the older ones :)


  1. Hi Jaynee,

    Thank you for sharing so much information about your family and your household. I feel as if I am "sitting at your feet" while you teach me how to be a better wife and mother.

    I remember visiting your family when I was in 5th or 6th grade and being so amazed at how organized Aunt Becky was! Your family is amazing.

    And one more question...HOW do you do all the laundry? Because, I'm embarassed to say that I get behind and I only have three children!

    In Christ,

  2. Hi Jaynee,
    Thank you so much for all the info you are sharing. It is really helping and encouraging me. I was wondering what you actually use from Abeka phonics when you are teaching them phonics? Also, do you use the Abeka readers when you are teaching them to read or do you use something else?
    Thank you so much,

  3. Hey Katie, Remember me? Jacquee... I remember you. I'm the little one (or was). Anyway, when I went to Jaynee's house a few years back, she was doing 5-6 loads of laundry a day or else she would get behind. Personally, Aunt Becky and myself, pick a day to sort and wash, and then fold the following day. We'll see what happens when I have more than one kiddo, but my mom did it with 5.

  4. Erin~
    I use the Handbook for Reading from Abeka to teach them to read. We have Abeka's alphabet flashcards, Basic Phonics Cards, and Blend Cards A and B as well as their special sound charts.
    I use some of the Abeka readers when the are first learning to read (Kindergarten and some 1st and 2nd grade readers). But we have other books we prefer to use once they get the hang of reading.


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