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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Eliseo is almost an American :)

We praise the Lord for giving us a safe trip down to Los Cabos and back. Everything went very smoothly~thank you so much for your prayers!
We got a much later start than we were planning on. Things just kept coming up that we needed to attend to, but we finally pulled out around 8 pm Tuesday evening. The children were bathed, fed, in their pj's and each had their blanket and pillow to snuggle up with for the long drive. We pulled into the hotel around 2:30 am and the children were amazingly coherent :) and with their help, we got all of our luggage and bedding into our room in one trip.
The next morning, I took the children out to the pool to swim for a bit which they thoroughly enjoyed. Then, they all changed and we began driving looking for a place to get Eliseo's passport picture taken. We found a little shop which was able to take his picture and have it ready for us in 10 minutes. We were praying that Eliseo would have his eyes open for the picture, and we were so thankful that it only took a couple of minutes to get an acceptable shot!
We then went to the American Consulate and waited while Daniel filled out the paperwork. Since we hadn't had any breakfast and it was around noon, Daddy treated the crew to a meal at McDonalds. On the way back home, there were a couple of ATV rental places out in the middle of the desert. Daddy again surprised the children by renting one for an hour. The children were able to get out and run around while Daniel took turns giving each of them a ride. It made a long day so much fun :)
Thank you again for your prayers! Lord willing, we should get his passport and Born Abroad in 6 weeks.

The children waiting while Daniel filled out the paperwork
Timothy holding Eliseo at the Consulate
Elijah's turn for his ride with Daddy
Elijah and Timothy climbed a tree to watch Daddy drive the others around :)
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  2. Dear Lockwoods,

    Please do not, I repeat, do not click on Here from tygogal. I checked it out and it may be a virus or spyware.

  3. Glad to hear your trip went smooth! WOW! McDonald's! That is really a treat, I'm sure, because we only have 5 children and when we drive to visit my husband's family I try to pack sandwiches because it's so easy to drop $20-$25 there and then I'm feeling guilty thinking I could've bought us STEAK at home! LOL! That's the stay-at-home mom in me, I guess!

  4. Michelle~ My hubby had quite the time trying to order at McD's. The children and I all found a table and sat down while Daniel went to order. He asked them what the cheapest thing they had was. They told him they had a hamburger or chicken nugget pack for 10 pesos(just under a dollar. He asked for 10 of each and 10 waters. They said he couldn't order that many "cheap" things without ordering fries and sodas with them too. He said he didn't want fries and the children don't drink soda except for their birthdays. He offered to pay for the cups. They continued to insist that he couldn't just order cheap things. Finally, the manager came and "approved" our order :) I thought it was so funny that they "make" people order soda and fries with their burger! :)
    We did sandwiches for supper~ much yummier than McD's in my opinion, but the children enjoyed going there as it is something "special".

  5. No WAY! I have never heard of them "telling" you that you HAVE to buy certain items. See, society is against large families. Place settings (four), trip packages (four), family deals at restaurants (four) and I'm sure there is more, but it's late and I can't think. LOL! It is our children who are the future! Let us fill the Earth with Christian disciples!


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