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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wanna Taco?

Here is the meat counter of our little store where we buy our groceries. They just got 2 cows in this morning. They will spend the day cutting it all up. The cows were butchered here in town early this morning. I have gone to the store before to ask for some ground beef...they will just cut off some meat from the cow, grind it right there, and put it into a sack...all nice and warm still :)

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  1. Ohhhh, your killing me :-p
    I eat beef (and love it), but for some reason my stomach turned to hear the part "nice and warm still".

  2. I agree with Michelle. Meat shouldn't be "nice and warm".

    However, since it was just butchered that morning, I guess it's not as gross. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Love your daily life!

    ~Leah in Alaska

  3. Yeah...nice and warm doesn't sound too good:):) That is beef as fresh as it gets!!!! Wow...I wonder how long our meats sit at the grocery store before we get to it? I'm from Canada by the way:) But went to Mexico 12 years ago for vacation. What part of mexico are you in? Or maybe you don't wanna share that on the web.

  4. Mama~ We are in Cd. Insurgentes in Baja California Sur. The Baja Penisula is that skinny long penisula off the left side of the west side of the country. We are about 800 miles south of the USA border.
    When I first picked up "warm" meat, I thought "Okay...this is different." But as I walked back home and thought about it, I reasoned that it was definatly fresh :)


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