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Friday, May 02, 2008

Good Morning!

Some cook breakfast,

Others help clean up,
This one is eager to eat!

And the little baby sleeps. :)

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  1. I think it's totally awesome that you incorporate the children in the duties of the house!

    BTW, you had said previously that you eat 40-50 eggs for breakfast, is that one MORNING or one WEEK? Eggs are SO expensive right now! Do you have chickens?

    God Bless!

  2. Michelle~ Yes, 40-50 eggs in just one breakfast. This morning, Beka cooked up 40 eggs while Benjamin was heating up a pot of beans. :)
    Eggs here cost about 10 cents each, so 40 eggs is $4.00...the tortillas are about $1 a kilo, the beans are about $1.30 a kilo. Our neighbors give us chilis and tomatoes all the time, so the salsa is free :) So breakfast for 12 big eaters...about $6.30 :)
    We are planning on getting chickens and sheep for eggs and meat. And Lord willing, planting a garden soon too!

  3. Love the morning updates. My children help with breakfasts, too, and I notice we also use some of the same curriculum. I just ordered next year's Abeka when they came to the next town over for a display meeting and offered free shipping. I like saving money! :)

    ~Leah in Alaska~

  4. A few weeks ago I paid $5.53 for 36 eggs so that is about .15 cents per egg and I guess you can still look at it as being an inexpensive breakfast, but a few months ago I was only paying about $3.00 for 36 eggs which would only be about .08 cents. And flour went up big time too. I used to get a 25lb bag for right under $4 and the last time I bought it it was over $8! My dear husband said the other day "gas prices have gone up, you're complaing about grocery prices going up, but hmmmm, my salary hasn't gone up"! We are praying that will change within the month though :)

  5. Um I pay about $6 for 36 eggs!!!!!
    I enjoy your blog alot!! Such a different culture! Life there seems so much more laid back....I envy that sometimes:):)


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