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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daniel 1.3 Quick update

It amazes me how much the Lord loves us. Through this week, he has worked out each little detail and directed each step so clearly.
The Lord has us in His hands, and I get to hold my hubby's hand. Rather than going to La Paz last evening, Daniel will be going this morning around 7 am. He is home sleeping right now. Oh how wonderful it was to sit down as a family tonight; Daddy talked to the children, let them ask questions, and then we all prayed and hugged Daddy a lot.
He really wanted me to be with him through the next day or two. As I shared, my heart yearned to be with him too, but of course thought of the children and really wanted to let the Lord lead. Daniel without me knowing had talked to the lady from our church that watched our children when I had Eliseo. She was more than willing to come over and stay for however long was needed. I still felt hesitant when all the children, to my surprise, urged me to go with Daddy. They "didn't want Daddy to be alone" and knew they could "take care of everything for you mommy just like we did when you had to stay in the hospital with Eliseo". Then the Lord gave us a plan and a peace. I will be going down with Daniel in the morning, stay till the late afternoon/early evening, and then take the bus back home so I can be with the children for the evening/night. And we'll wait to see how the Lord leads for the following day.
Just to clarify, this is what we know:
*He has a mass in his gallbladder (seen via ultrasound)
*His white blood cell count is very high
*He is very jaundiced...skin and eyes
*He can't eat at all...one bite gives him pain and nausea
*He was rehydrated at the hospital and felt much better and has been able to take little sips of water this evening without feeling too queasy
*He is the most handsome, wonderful man I know :)
*Next step is to get a CT scan in La Paz tomorrow...this will really let us know a lot more
*Most probably followed by surgery that day or the following

Since I will be down with him tomorrow, I probably won't be able to update until the evening...unless I can find a signal down there...possible since it is the capitol city.
Tomorrow we should know a lot more.

The children are doing well. The younger ones (5 yrs on down) don't really understand...just know that Daddy is sick and as Noah says "Daddy throws up a lot".
The older ones are sad and each dealing with it in their own way. Timothy is sensitive...has been crying at little things all day. I keep encouraging him to cry to Jesus and he knows just like Daddy has taught him so much, that God loves and will take care of everything. Elijah is quiet...doesn't want to talk about it...I know he hurts. He wants to be strong. Rebekah goes from "taking charge" by helping with everything, serving everyone, trying to do anything she can to help to suddenly crying. Benjamin is Mr. steady...he takes it all in stride, understands, and sat down to write Daddy a letter to help him feel better. Abigail is all girl...she wrote tons of love letters to Daddy to make his hospital room pretty. She wanted to hug him and rub his hands tonight. They love being with Josefina so tomorrow should be fun...they planned their menus and assigned out mommy's chores and planned activities too (playing church, making cards for Daddy, watching a Moody Science DVD, playing inside and outside).

I can't tell you how very humbled and encouraged we are to hear so many who love us and are praying. Oh, the Lord is hearing and answering. He's given grace for today and will for tomorrow. He is so loving and good.


  1. Praising God with you that everyone got to see Daniel and that you get to go to the hospital with him.

    You are continually in my prayers.

    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  2. We continue to pray. How wonderful that God has mad a path for you to be with your husband.

  3. Just wanted to let you know we are praying for your precious family and husband. So thankful God provided for you to be with 'your other half'. We trust God to get you through this storm and gently hold you all close to Him as you pass through.
    Your faith and journey is so inspiring. God knows exactly what He is doing and we know He will continue being glorified through His good works. YOu have such a faithful family! He is sure using Daniel and your family in such mighty ways.
    Hang in there, friends in Indiana are praying dearly for Daniel and your family, and of course, YOU!!
    Thanks for the update, Jaynee!!
    Heidi C.

  4. Praying... praying... praying...

    I've posted it on my blog as well.
    Love you,

  5. I just want you to know that I am praying and will continue to do so. I know that you know what an awesome God we have and what a perfect plan He has laid out. Be strong and might in His name and "be anxious for nothing", He has put His angels in charge over you, your husband and children and will not waiver from His promises.

    In Jesus name and for HIS glory I pray,

  6. Just want you to know I will be praying -- and will call our church's prayer chain. Be confident that God KNOWS, CARES and will SUSTAIN!!! May He grant you peace. I'm so glad you can be with Daniel today, and will pray that the children will sense a special presence of the Lord there with them. These things can be unsettling to children, but I pray their faith will be strengthened and their confidence in our Lord will grow through this experience. I will pray also for special strength, peace and comfort for you, Jaynee.

  7. Hi Jaynee,
    just wanted to let you know that we are praying as well.
    Sandy, for the Johnsons.

  8. Jaynee! That is GREAT news that you can be with Daniel today! God is good! We will continue to pray! We will also pray for the doctors taking care of Daniel, that they make the right diagnosis and that when he has surgery that they have steady hands. We pray for you too, that you have strength in all that is said and done these next days.

    God Bless!

  9. God is good!! I am praising Him right now that you are able to go with your husband and your children will be taken care of! I will continue to pray for safety and comfort, as well as healing for your husband!

    May God continue to Bless you and your family!

    Jody in CT

  10. I will pray for you and your family.

    Amy in GA

  11. Praising God with you that he worked out all the details for you. We will continue to pray.
    Be blessed,
    Chasity Brannon

  12. To Janyne, Daniel, and the children: Will and I have been both praying for everyone, and will continue to pray. God bless everyone!

    Cassie & Will in Redding

  13. My Husband has Cancer as well. I know what you must be feeling right now as I have felt it too and it is all so familiar. I will be praying for God to give you the strength and the peace that only He can give as you face what lies ahead. God bless you and your family. I pray that everything turns out Ok. I look forward to hearing.

  14. God is sooooo good to give you all such precious time with your husband and father last evening! My prayers will be with all of you as you travel and with Daniel during his testing. What wonderful children you have-may the Lord be with them during these difficult days!

  15. Jaynee,

    I'm praying and praising God that you are able to be with Daniel today!

    I pray whenever your family comes to mind--which is alot these days!

  16. Jaynee, I'm so sorry I just saw all of these updates! I will continue to pray. God is great.

  17. Jaynee, I am so sorry to hear that Daniel is sick. I'm glad that it is working out for you to be with him today. What a blessing that Daniel got to be home last night with you all. I'm holding you up in prayer and will continue to do so. A familiar verse that has helped me through so many struggles - "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phil 4:13. I pray for God's strength and peace for you and your family today.

    Alaska Hugs & Prayers,

    Shelly T.

  18. Oh, Jaynee, will be praying....we have known the feeling of the unknown as you no doubt feel too, but HE knows and will be with you.Thinking of you!!!

  19. I will remember you and your precious family in my prayers.
    Christy in GA

  20. still praying for you all, that you will recieve some definate answers today.
    and it's okay for mom's to break down too sometimes...

  21. Continuing to pray for you and all your family. Your blog has been such a blessing to me. I am so uplifted how God is using you to minister - and how your and your husband allow Him to use you.

    Stay steady and lean on our Lord and Savior. He already knows the path ahead and will be with you every step of the way.

    Still In Him - From Iowa

  22. Our family will be praying also, we just received the news today.

    Prayers for you all,
    Cheryl in Oklahoma

  23. We are missionaries in Mexico as well... in San Cristobal, Chiapas. I heard about your blog and have been reading for almost an hour now. I can not imagine all that you must be feeling right now, but you and your precious children are in my prayers, nonetheless. I have been encouraged reading about how God has been loving wrapping His arms around you guys... I am confident He will continue to do so!
    Know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of SO many people.

    Julie Terrell

  24. Jaynee, what a blessing it is to read your blog. Its another blessing to be able to pray for you, Daniel and the children. Read Jude 2.

    Love 'n prayers,
    Linda McK

  25. Were all praying for you guys! May God strengthen and encourage you through this difficult time. We love you so much!
    ~The Stathopoulos Family

  26. Hi Jaynee, It's Karin O'Connor (Hodgdon) We are fervently praying for Daniel, that the Lord's will be done, and that you all will have strength and courage through this time. If you have a chance there is a website you should look at. It's called www.cancerfightingstragegies.com, and might be an option vs. the traditional treatments. We pray that God holds you very close, and are comforted by his truths and and promises! Love to you all,


  27. Glad to hear of God's provision on the home front. We will continue to pray for His provision at the hospital. I know there must be a peace to know there are no worries at home and now all focus is on your beloved husband. On a smaller level, when my two year old had his surgery, my husband had strep and could not be there or help take care of our baby and it made it a lot more difficult to handle everything when I was being pulled in every direction. I pray you can enjoy each other's company as you spend some pre-op time together and lots more time through his recovery, Lord willing.

    Megan Reed

  28. praying, praying, praying!!!

  29. I know you don't know me. I know your sister Jaquee. Just wanted to let you know that I will definately be praying for you and your family! Your story has truly touched my heart and i will definately continue to pray for your husband to have strength and for strength for you and the kids as well.

    God Bless,
    Samantha Brown in Yreka, CA

  30. Thankyou so much for the update...it is good to know how to pray specifically...and in addition to praying for health for Daniel I will be specially praying for you too, as a mom & wife,and I just wanted you to know that. May God bless your time together during the days! And he will take care of your children...I am thankful that you get to be with Daniel right now!

    we'll keep praying here in Guad.

  31. Continuing to pray.

    When we walked through the situation with Nathan and Melanie's Susannah Joy last year, the continual words out of our mouths and from our hearts were, "God is good." We knew the reality of that in our daily lives with normal struggles. Our trust in His goodness was to be tested with a problem bigger than we had ever faced. We found Him to be good in the valley as He had been on the mountaintop.

    What a joy that your children's hearts were for you to minister to Daddy rather than to have you home. That is spiritual maturity - in children.

    I am praying that what the doctors discover the growth to be can be easily removed with surgery and that there isn't a trace of cancer.

    Trusting in Jesus,

  32. Since yesterday when i read your post, am reallly impacted, but the only way that i can help is praying...so, am praying for Daniel and your whole family...be strong God is our Rock.

  33. I am so glad that the Lord is setting a path of you being together. We will be praying and I have left a message on our pastor's phone to pray too. Our pastor's wife's family were once missionaries in Mexico and now are missionaries to the hispanics here in the U.S.
    Take each day in prayer.
    In Christ's Love,

    Susan W.

  34. Hello Jaynee ~ I found your blog through a comment you left on CF Husband right before Eliseo was born. We will be lifting you up in prayer and I will share your requests with our church family as well. ((hugs))

  35. I just said a prayer for Daniel and your family. God bless all of you!

    Joy in Charlotte, NC

  36. Praying for your family... wishing I had some sort of words of encouragement. All I can do is remind you of what you already know and profess: God is so good. He sees the "big picture" and is taking care of everything and everyone!

  37. Jaynee and Daniel,
    I just got caught up with Daniel's situation tonight when I checked your blog. I didn't know about it last night but felt led to pray for your family at Wednesday night prayer service at church. I shared the news with my husband Dan and we are both praying for a full recovery to complete health, God's peace to be with you and the children, and wisdom for the doctors and health care providers there. God bless you and keep you!

    Julie Alley

  38. You and your family are in our fervent prayers!


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