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Friday, May 16, 2008

Our innovative chicken coup :)

The weather is getting warmer and either the chickens are growing or their cage is shrinking. We needed to get them a bigger home soon! So, we came up with this! We thought it was great because:
a)Gives them plenty of shade
b) Gives them plenty of room to roam
c) Does not take up any extra space in our back yard
and d) Uses materials we already had on hand!

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  1. LOL, that's funny. I bet you'll see extra eggs as the kids jump on and scare those chickens!

    --Aunt Jessee

  2. Very ingenius. How is that tramplene working for you? Glad to see you have the safety net. I don't want any broken nieces or nephews.

  3. Ha ha I was totally not expecting that!!:) So what you gonna do when it gets stinky from all the poop down there?

  4. I saw someone who did that once here in Alaska, but it was for their geese! :)

    Leah in Alaska

  5. I love it. Very clever idea!

  6. Y'all are very innovative. Nothing beats a daily egg hunt for the children and fresh eggs for all those big appetites! God bless you!

  7. I have chickens, geese, etc. (here in Alaska) and that has got to be the most clever solution I've seen. Thanks for sharing your family.

  8. Points for resourcefulness! I love your chicken koop!

    You could solve the poop issure by moving the trampoline around every couple of days ... bonus = no stink (sun cleanses it), and "mowed" fertilized grass...we do this for a living (see our blog @ http://livenlearnfarm,blogspot.com (under farming)


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