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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Prayer Request

There is a lady in our church named Maria MonteVerde. We rejoiced to see her give her life to the Lord and Daniel baptized her a couple of years ago. She is a sweet lady who also cares for her bed ridden mother. Her husband had been in the United States working the entire time we've know her. A few months ago, he came back home for the first time in years.
We were praying for Hna. Maria the beginning of this year because she hadn't been feeling well and was going to the doctor to have some tests done. The following week, she came to church with a big smile telling us that she was pregnant...due in September. She and her husband have one son, Pedro, who is around 16 years old. She was surprised, but very happy.
Last week, she told me that she was having an ultrasound May 2nd and could hardly wait to find out if she was having a girl or boy. When she walked into church this morning and gave me a hug, she started crying. She said that the doctor couldn't find her baby on the ultrasound...there was just a big black stain there. The doctor didn't really tell her anything else; she is scheduled to see another doctor this coming Friday. We as a church all prayed for her this morning and several of the ladies were talking with her and encouraging her. Please pray for Hna. Maria this week. I know she would appreciate it so much. She stood up to give a testimony of thanksgiving this morning...she said even in the midst of this hard trial, she is still following Jesus. The girls and I baked some bread to take over to her and her family this afternoon. Her husband and son have not come to Christ yet. Daniel will be visiting with them as well. Please Pray!

This is a picture from our Christmas service in December. Hna. Maria is in the 3rd row back in the middle (white coat) sitting next to her son (yellow shirt).
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  1. Hi, Jaynee,
    We will certainly pray for your friend. What does the title "Hna." stand for? Just wondering...
    Jennifer in New Orleans

  2. Hna. is the abbreviation for "hermana" (likewise Hno. is the abbreviation for "hermano"). Hermana means sister (hermano means brother). Christians here in Mexico call themselves by brother and sister (as we are brothers and sisters in Christ.) So Hna. Maria would be Sister Maria. Hno. Daniel would be Brother Daniel. :)
    Good question!
    Thank you for your prayers for Hna. Maria.

  3. I read your blog daily...

    When I was pregnant, the same thing happened to me at my first ultrasound and it ended up that my uterus is inverted (tilted backward) and the baby was hidden. Please tell her that there is still hope. I had a HEALTHY baby boy.

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  5. We will definitely prayer for Hna. Maria. I know all too well the pain and heartbreak of an ultrasound that doesn't turn out as you had hoped. We will pray that another examination will turn their sorrow to joy. Whatever the outcome, we are sure to praise our Lord in all things!

    In His Grip,

  6. We will be praying for your friend. I enjoyed catching up and thought your day of homeschooling was fun to read.


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